Hemangioma in children: Remove time

Hemangioma in children hemangioma in children - it's quite common.It is not always possible to predict how it will behave with age.Small hemangiomas can grow with the child, and after the cessation of growth to decrease.And it also happens that a sufficiently large hemangioma decreases rapidly and passes in childhood.

Features hemangiomas in children

Hemangiomas of the skin and mucous membranes in children are common and account for half of all soft tissue tumors.This neonatal hemangiomas can grow very quickly, often reaching large sizes.But some hemangiomas, by contrast, are declining rapidly, zapustevayut and tested.All

hemangiomas in children can be divided into simple or capillary (they are located on the skin surface), cavernous (subcutaneous), mixed (consisting of cutaneous and subcutaneous parts) and mixed (consisting of different tissues, they are composed of vascular lesions and other celltissue - connective, nervous and lymphatic).

Girls hemangiomas occur much more frequently than boys.There are hemangiomas usually immediately after birth or during the first few weeks of life.Introduced hemangioma often just starting to grow, especially during the first months of life, but the rapid growth of the tumor was usually slows and then it grows not so fast.It has been observed that premature infants hemangiomas grow much faster than in full-term.

For hemangioma should always be observed, such children should be held at the dispensary in pediatric surgery.If the tumor is growing very quickly, it solves the problem of its removal in a specialized children's surgical ward.

Hemangiomas can be large and small multi-unit.The exact area of ​​the hemangioma at the child it is sometimes difficult to determine, as part of it can be under the skin and outwardly manifest.

appearance and for hemangiomas in children

Capillary hemangiomas are located on the skin surface of the skin, in some cases, slightly above her speaking.Their surface is smooth, clearly delimited from the surrounding tissue, red or bluish-red.If pressure on a finger hematoma, it turns pale, and then removing the finger again restores its color.

Cavernous hemangiomas are the subcutaneous soft elastic components, the skin of which has not changed or has a slightly bluish appearance.If such a node to press, it collapses and then straightened again.At the touch of a cavernous hematoma it has a higher temperature than the surrounding tissue.

combined hemangiomas appear, depending on what kind of them prevails - capillary surface or subcutaneous cavernous.Mixed hemangiomas have appearance corresponding to within their structure of tissues.

growth of hemangiomas can be fast, slow, or altogether absent.The course of hemangiomas may be complicated by ulceration, bleeding and infection accession.This happens most often in the first six months of life.

Diagnosis and treatment of hemangiomas in children

To clarify the depth and incidence of hemangiomas carried ultrasound.In some cases, in order to determine which blood vessels nourish hemangioma, angiography - X-ray of the blood vessels.

Large hemangiomas are located on the face, behind the ears and on the neck prone to rapid growth, ulceration, bleeding and negative effects on the surrounding healthy tissue.Treat these hemangiomas difficult, especially in the area of ​​the ear, they require an individual approach to the choice of methods of treatment.On

torso difficult to treat hemangiomas are those located in the breast and perineum.With this treatment of hemangiomas breast cancer in boys and girls is not the same as when the wrong treatment of breast in girls age will not develop.

Hemangiomas in the crotch area for children are complicated by the fact that most prone to ulceration.On the one hand this may cause the addition of infections and complications of the disease, and on the other - a positive effect in the form of a spontaneous cure.In such cases of hemangioma hemangioma: a benign tumor Hemangiomas: benign tumor commonly observed and not in a hurry to operate.Hemangiomas small size after ulceration often disappear on their own, the large hemangiomas usually do not pass on their own.

indications for surgical treatment of hemangiomas in a child is its rapid growth, large size, the location of the head and neck.It is believed that if there is evidence that surgery is best done as early as possible.

treatment of hemangiomas in children should be strictly individual.For this purpose various methods are used.For example, surgical methods involve excision bruising, sometimes gradual, is used in the treatment of deep hemangiomas.Today, resorting to surgical methods only in extreme cases.

In addition, radiation therapy is used, diathermocoagulation (destruction of hemangiomas electrocution), sclerotherapy (injection to deplete its solutions hematoma), cryotherapy (destruction of hemangiomas cold), hormonal treatment with glucocorticoids.

When hemangiomas in children the main thing - do not miss the moment when the child needs to remove hemangiomas.

Galina Romanenko