Burp the baby: how to understand the reasons?

Burp the baby Burp the baby may occur for various reasons.In infancy it is a consequence of the imperfection of the gastrointestinal tract, and the children after a year belching Belching: why it happens and that means Belching: why it happens and that means formed a variety of diseases - diseases of the gastrointestinal tract to adenoiditis.

Belching an infant - a normal reaction

baby usually after each feeding should burp the air.Ingestion of a certain amount of air is the physiological mechanism which is controlled via intragastric pressure in adults is usually not burp because the air passes from the stomach into the intestine or the small portions is released through the mouth.

sucking baby always swallow some air, excitable children swallow more air as often interrupt sucking cry.In infants, due to shortcomings in the gastrointestinal tract gas bubble can be trapped in the stomach and pass into the intestines, causing an abrupt bulge and intestinal cramps.The child will cry and worry as long as the air does not come naturally.

In order to prevent an excessive amount of air entering from the stomach into the intestine, is necessary after each feeding hold the baby "column" as long as it does not sound otrygnet air.You can at the same time like a child and pat on the back - it contributes to a better discharge of the air.

very excitable children who worried during feeding and crying, first, require observation and treatment at the children's neurologist, and secondly, tofeeding time can be one or more times to keep the "column" to spit air.This baby before feeding need to reassure reproach on the handles, to divert a rattle, talk to him gently and then start feeding.

baby spit-up air after each feeding - this is normal, moreover, it is necessary each time to ensure that a child with sound belched air.

After this procedure, the baby usually calms down and falls asleep.If he does not otrygnet air, the screams in the next few hours can not be avoided.

Belching children after a year - sign of trouble

After a year of regurgitation causes may be different.But in this age of the nervous system is of great importance: a nervous, excitable child vomits frequently sick and food gastro-intestinal diseases.To burp (both air and food) causes rapid messy food, stimulating conversations and games while eating, watching movies, causing a surge of emotion in the child.

reason for burping the baby may be different ENT diseases that violate the breathing process.

It may be adenoids, chronic tonsillitis with a sharp increase in the amount of (hypertrophic) tonsils chronic rhinitis (including allergic), inflammation of the sinuses.During the meal, a child can not properly regulate breathing and swallowing a lot of air.

otryzhek frequent cause in children is salivating salivating - find out the cause of Profuse salivation - find out the cause and swallowing saliva.This phenomenon can occur in diseases of the teeth, ENT and digestive tract.What exactly has caused excessive salivation Increased salivation - a deviation from the norm Increased salivation - a deviation from the norm can be set only during examination of the child.

in preschool and school-age children the most common causes of regurgitation are diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, liver and biliary tract.This may violate the motility of the stomach and upper intestine, the food stagnates in the stomach and partly burped.In this case, not only suffers from the stomach, and esophagus as sour stomach contents irritate the esophageal mucosa.

Sometimes belching is a sign of a congenital defect of the cardia - the muscles closing the opening between the esophagus and the stomach.

Frequent burping - how to help a child

In any case, constant burping the baby after a year it needs examination.It begins with a tour of inspection pediatrician, child neurologist and an otolaryngologist.If the disease is identified, it is necessary to examine the digestive organs.Only a thorough examination, identifying the causes of regurgitation and its elimination could lead to the elimination of burping.

If the cause of the frequent regurgitation in the wrong diet, it requires the full attention of the parents.The child should be fed by the hour, and often desirable in small portions during meals, he should not be distracted by anything.It has the meaning and the general regime of the day of the child: the combination of mobile games and games that require concentration and attention, a full day and night of sleep, the maximum exposure to fresh air.

How to explain to a child why this is happening

He covers his mouth with his hand, but it's too late.The people sitting at the table, everyone has heard.He guiltily looking at the parents (if he eats with the family, mom and dad probably right, and not the first time, say that good kids do not do), reaching for his lemonade and think: "And why this happens all the time?"

What do you say to your child about burping?What is bad, ugly, that if he would do so, then no one wants to be friends with him?Or just to say that it is not necessary to do so?It is better to explain to him why regurgitation occurs.Speak his language is necessary, of course.Something like this:

  • Belching - it's only gas.When you drink or eat, you swallow not just food and drink, but also the air.The air that we breathe is composed of gases such as nitrogen and oxygen.
  • When you swallow gas, they are seeking a way to get out.That's why going belching.Excess gas is expelled from the stomach, and he goes through your mouth.
  • Children who drink a lot of soda and lemonade, regurgitation is more frequent and severe.Guess why?If you think that this is due to the gas contained in the drinks, then you're right.Gas, through which drinks are fizzy and foamy - it is also a gas that needs to get out of your stomach, if he got there.
  • Belching can occur if you eat or drink too fast, because you at the same time literally pushed in air.The same thing happens when you drink through a straw.
  • Belching almost never be a cause for concern.More or less often this happens with every person, and it does not mean that in the body there is any problem.
  • However, the only people for whom the loudest burp is normal behavior - it is small children.Their parents are happy that belching, because it means that the baby's body does not remain extra gas, and he will cry out in pain in the abdomen Abdominal pain: Types and Symptoms Abdominal pain: Types and Symptoms .But if you're not tiny and bald, and even more so if you already know how to speak well, your loud burp will not be considered normal and polite behavior.Learn to do it discreetly and cover your mouth.And regardless of whether it is loud you got it or not, the word "sorry" never hurts.