Hemangioma in newborns: to watch

Hemangioma in newborns hemangioma - quite a common disease in children, and in most cases it is detected in the neonatal period.Red or maroon Education skin very frightened parents, but whether to be frightened?Is it dangerous to hemangiomas and what to do if they are detected?Things are not so simple, depending on the location of hemangiomas, its size and type.

What causes hemangiomas

hemangioma - a tumor of vascular origin, benign, but sometimes it acquires the features of a malignant, rapidly progressing and destroying neighboring organs.Hemangioma is located in the deep layers of the skin, wherein the process may be involved in neural tissue, resulting in hemangioma can be painful.

hemangioma occurs more often in girls, settling mostly on the face, upper limbs, at least on the body and lower extremities.Causes of hemangiomas is still not known.Our ancestors believed that hemangiomas arise from the child to the place for which grabbed the mother saw an open fire (fire), and frightened him.Most hemangiomas occur in representatives of Negroid or Asian races.Hemangiomas are inherited.


hemangiomas Hemangiomas vary in size - from point to huge, from the subtle to cover most of the body of the child.Hemangiomas are of various kinds:

The flat consists of a capillary hemangioma is slightly raised above the surface of the skin, has a different color, size and shape.Such hemangiomas are the most common.

Starry angioma often located on the face and neck, looks like the central point of red, from which extend small vessels, creating a picture of the star.Often it disappears to two years.

cavernous hemangioma rises above the skin and has an uneven, lumpy appearance, flexible, bluish-red, often warm to the touch and can be large.Located this kind of hemangiomas on the face, head, rarely elsewhere.Such hemangiomas can regress spontaneously, but much of it requires surgery.

Strawberry hemangioma is often on the face, it is flat, with clear boundaries and are often located on the face.Quite often it can go on their own to school age.

Milestones hemangioma

Most hemangiomas can detect three stages of development:

  • Growth stage lasts the first six - nine months when the hemangioma is growing rapidly and becomes visible, acquiring a bright color and a maximum value.
  • Stage regression starts after the end of the growth of hemangiomas and lasts from one to ten years, during which time the hemangioma shrinks, fades.
  • final stage, in which the hemangioma acquires the color of healthy skin Healthy skin - daily program of skin care Healthy skin - daily program for skin care , appearing only a slight increase in size.

Management of hemangiomas depends on how quickly it is growing and affects any vital organs.If there is no danger to the child, you can choose watchful waiting, in which watching hemangioma hemangioma: a benign tumor Hemangiomas: benign tumor , assuming its reverse development.

If hemangioma is growing rapidly and is located in a place where it can easily injure or violate any function, then resorted to medical or physical effects.

Sclerotherapy is carried out by introducing into the hemangioma special drug that blocks blood vessels, stopping its growth.

Cryotherapy is performed using liquid nitrogen freezing.After exposure to cold formed a bubble that bursts and the wound begins to heal.So it is possible to remove hemangiomas small size, as often is the scar.

Hormone therapy is used in the case of hemangioma location near vital organs and its rapid growth.

Recently, frequently used laser treatment of hemangiomas, which as it solders vessels, stopping its growth.This method is used if the hemangioma is not had time to grow into.

When a hemangioma of the newborn is recommended to the following schedule of observations:

  • If hemangioma increases - every two weeks.
  • If hemangioma grows - every two - six months.
  • If hemangioma is reduced - every six months.

Svetlana Shimkovich