Hyperthermia in children: an increase in temperature - not the end of the world

Hyperthermia in Children Fever - one of the most widespread manifestations of various diseases in children.Many parents are easy to hyperthermia in children, some are beginning to panic, but in fact you need to know the main causes of hyperthermia when it is dangerous, how to fight and whether to do it.

Physiological hyperthermia in children

child is born with an imperfect system thermoregulatory its formation takes place during the first three months of life.Therefore, from birth to three months of the baby's temperature is largely dependent on the ambient temperature, ie, hyperthermia can occur when a child overheating or high air temperature in the room.Therefore, finding a high temperature in a child of this age, we must first eliminate the factor of overheating.If there is suspicion of such, it is primarily necessary to remove excess clothing from the child, give him to drink boiled water, and after some time to measure body temperature.Most often it is a normal or near normal.If the body temperature is not reduced, it is necessary to consider other reasons for its occurrence.

Causes of hyperthermia in children

fever in children can be caused by disorders of the central nervous system, such as a tumor, but this is quite rare.In this case, attempts to normalize body temperature are unsuccessful.This is called malignant hyperthermia, the child should be as soon as possible to examine a neurologist.

most frequently rise in temperature cause various infectious diseases, particularly common acute viral infection.

mechanism of hyperthermia is simple: viruses, getting on the mucosa of the upper respiratory tract, so that the mechanism of formation of antibodies triggered Antibodies - "soldiers' immunity Antibodies - "soldiers , development of which occurs best at 37.5 - 38 degrees Celsius.

On the other hand, microbes, replicating on the mucosa of the upper respiratory tract, produce toxins that are getting into the blood, run sophisticated security mechanisms, accompanied by hyperthermia Hyperthermia - when the body is overheated Hyperthermia - when the body is overheated varying severity.

Types of hyperthermia in children

At the household level, hyperthermia divided into red and white.

Red hyperthermia - a condition in which there is poor circulation, blood vessels dilated and there is increased heat that is a natural way of cooling the body, which is the prevention of a variety of severe complications caused by overheating of the vital organs.The child is hot, the skin is red or pink, there is profuse sweating.

White hyperthermia - a very dangerous condition in which there is, so-called centralization of circulation, in which the peripheral vessels spasmatic and virtually no heat - it can lead to the rapid development of a variety of life-threatening complications, such as seizures, swelling Prevention andtreatment of edema - it is important to understand the root cause of Prevention and treatment of edema - it is important to understand the root cause brain, pulmonary edema, and others.The child's cold, it scared pale skin, with a bluish tint, no sweat.Therefore, when a white hyperthermia medical care should be provided as soon as possible.

Assisting with hyperthermia

If a child hyperthermia red type, and there is no tendency to seizures, the temperature to 38.5 degrees do not need to improve.A child needs to create the optimum temperature in the room - about 20 degrees, to see to it that the clothes were dry and just change it when wet then.It is important to give the baby a sufficient number of warm boiled water - the age limit, taking into account the loss of fluid through sweat.

If pyrexia develops and white type, you first need to ensure the normal operation of vessels.To expand them, you need to put on the baby warm socks and mittens, hide blanket to warm water and give a vasodilator - Nospanum Nospanum - lowers the tone of smooth muscles No-spa - lowers the tone of smooth muscles in age dosage.If after 15 minutes there is no effect, it is necessary to call an ambulance.If hyperthermia from a white turned into red - watch.

important to remember:

  • If hyperthermia occurred in a child up to a year - call doctor is required for any type of hyperthermia!
  • To reduce the temperature only use funds for children, age-appropriate.Aspirin, analgin, aminopyrine use is strictly prohibited!

Svetlana Shimkovich