Crying baby: it can mean?

Crying baby Every mother knows that the child may cry in different ways, and crying is already possible to see what was bothering him.The kid can cry if it is wet, hungry or had something hurts, such as the tummy - it often happens in the first two or three months of life.And sometimes he just wants to get it on the handle and pressed to his chest.

Crying baby as an expression of normal physiological needs

Not so long ago it was thought that the cry of an infant baby man, though with a little finger Baby man, though with little finger can be ignored.Today, so is not considered.The child was crying for some reason, you need at least to pick him up and find out why this is happening.Most often, the baby cries when it needs something.

For example, if he wants to eat or just hang out with my mom and lie in her chest, listening to the beating of a mother's heart.Now pediatricians are allowed to feed the baby the first few months of life on request.Often it is not even so much suckling as communication, during which the mother can talk to the child, to listen to the sound it makes.So gradually formed in the mother instinct and she is already beginning to understand what her child wants, when crying.And the child a sense of comfort and security.

Even very young child tend to feel a sense of discomfort if it is wet or dirty diapers, and then he begins to cry.Diapers, of course, great life easier for women, however, they must be periodically inspected and changed, otherwise the child will begin diaper rash, and it is very dangerous, especially for a child's first month of life.

discomfort occurs and the child when overheating (cold it transfers much easier), very often it happens when the baby tightly swaddled.If the mother does not pay attention to such a cry, the child appears fine, slightly above the skin red rash - sudamen Miliaria - a protective reaction of the organism Sudamen - a protective reaction of the organism (diaper dermatitis).This is dangerous because the skin irritation can join the infection.The first sign of this - the white head pustular rash on the tops of the elements.

Crying baby as an expression of pain

Most often the child first months of life are concerned tummy.This is because his intestines are not yet populated useful microflora, which in future will help him digest food.But in the intestine may present opportunistic microflora and this causes a large amount of gas in the cleavage of milk.When artificial feeding these phenomena are more pronounced than in the natural, because the mother's milk is absorbed better.

When intestinal colic baby belly swells and becomes dense, it Sucitu legs, pulling them to the stomach.Creek strong child "rolled" from crying.In this case, you need to take two warm diapers, put them on a kettle or any other heating device, and when the heat up, make a diaper to the tummy.It is better to take it at the same time on his hands and hugged her.Once the diaper is cool, you need to change it on the heated and cooled down to put on the kettle.Under the influence of heat quickly relieves spasms of smooth muscles of intestine and gases begin to depart.

If this does not help, then you can paste the vapor tube - a thin soft rubber catheter with a hole at the end, you can buy in a pharmacy.Venting tube should be sterile (boiled fifteen minutes), the end of her smeared Vaseline Vaseline : old friend Vaseline: old friend or boiled vegetable oil.Venting tube is inserted into three - four centimeters into the rectum, after which the gases begin to depart.

Sometimes intestinal cramps occur when the child is too greedily sucks the breast or incorrectly captures mouth nipple naglatyvayas with the air.To such air moved, it recommended to hold the baby after feeding "column", as he noisily not otrygnet air.

Sometimes a child crying from overstimulation, if a long time can not sleep.In this case, it is best to calm my mother, if will take the handle and squeeze yourself or to give chest.

Crying baby in various diseases

most common cause of frequent crying baby are headaches in the aftermath of the birth trauma Birth injuries - than they threaten your child? Birth injuries - than they threaten your child? .Birth injury may occur if a child in utero is not enough oxygen (in this case the damaged brain tissue) or the delivery was protracted and traumatic.Reassure the child in this case is difficult, but still it would be easier on his mother's arms.Often such a child is not breastfeeding, often vomits.Will it only treatment at the children's neurologist, it is usually given for a long time.But gradually, with proper treatment these symptoms pass.

Another disease that causes a baby crying are diseases of the ears.In this case, the baby cries when he begins to suckle, as the pain occurs during swallowing.This child needs to show audiologist.

attentive and loving mother very quickly begins to understand why her crying child.

Galina Romanenko