Aktovegin for children: an improvement in the complex therapy

Aktovegin children Aktovegin - a natural medicine that helps to improve the metabolism of the cells.These drugs act prophylactically and more gently, to children in most cases requires no prevention and treatment of various diseases.

In some cases, the child may need drugs that improve cellular metabolism

Children often found perinatal brain lesions that occur during the period from 22 completed weeks (154 days) of intrauterine life of the fetus and ends one week after birth.During this period of pregnancy to the child affect a variety of hazards, on which depend his life and health.

most important danger for the child during this period is the lack of blood flow, which is caused by placental insufficiency placental insufficiency - a deviation from the norm Placental insufficiency - a deviation from the norm (FPN).Particularly affected with brain cells.They do not get enough oxygen and nutrients, especially glucose, necessary for all biochemical reactions.As a result, the child may form perinatal damage of the nervous system (USC) - is diffuse (spread) microfocal degenerative brain damage (due to an eating disorder of brain tissue) character.This may be affected by the child's cerebral cortex and subcortical tissues, in severe forms of the disease can lead to paralysis of the limbs and a significant backlog in the neuropsychological development.

exhibited the disease in different ways, depending on their severity.In mild USC child may be sluggish at first, and then excited, he may appear trembling chin, persistent vomiting, sleep disorders Dreams: how to understand our dreams Dreams: how to understand our dreams .In more severe forms of child constantly lethargic, he had reduced muscle tone, sluggish breastfeeding, burp.Severe forms can manifest palsy and hydrocephalus - an increase in the head due to increased intracranial pressure.It was during these diseases of the central nervous system for children prescribed drugs that improve cellular metabolism, including aktovegin.

How aktovegin operates at USC in children - does it make sense to take it at all?

Actovegin - a drug that improves cell metabolism improves metabolism and losing weight without dieting Improves metabolism and losing weight without dieting .It is prepared using modern technology from calf brain extract, wherein in the product are only compounds with a low molecular weight, allowing to pass the blood-brain and the placental barrier, that is to penetrate from the blood into the central nervous system and the placenta of the mother's blood to the fetus.

Getting to the cells of the brain, improves aktovegin transport them and assimilation of glucose - the main source of energy, which allows cells to carry out all of its biochemical processes.In addition, it helps the cell to absorb oxygen and exist in the conditions of its deficiency.

If FPN occurring during fetal development of the child, aktovegin actually taken in order to prevent lesions of the central nervous system of the fetus, then at USC, when a child is already in some degree of brain tissue damage, he was appointed to treat.That is why such a difference in the effectiveness of aktovegina in pregnant women and in children.

With minor functional (without disturbing the structure of the brain) USC aktovegin Aktovegin - without fear of negative consequences Aktovegin - without fear of negative consequences can quickly lead to the restoration of cellular metabolism and the relief of symptoms of lung disease.Most often in such cases, it is administered in an outpatient pediatric neurologist pills a part of complex treatment.Of course, the appointment of an independent aktovegina in this case will not be too effective.

In more severe USC aktovegin prescribed as part of a treatment is usually in the form of intramuscular injections and intravenous infusions.Aktovegin nontoxic drug and gives no side effects, except for allergies.But allergies are possible and may occur very hard, up to anaphylactic shock as a drug of natural (animal) origin.Therefore, this treatment can be carried out only in a hospital.The degree of effectiveness when applied aktovegina children do not have reliable information confirmed by clinical studies.However, pediatric neurologists use it at USC, lagging children in psychological development, lagging academically in school.

Aktovegin - a quality drug of natural origin, it acts gently and slowly enough, so do not hope that it will some immediate effect, but improve the overall condition of the child in the complex therapy he can.

Galina Romanenko