Bioparox children: Is it effective?

Bioparox children Bioparox - a drug that is suitable for both adults and children.It is released as an aerosol vials and topical anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial properties.For the treatment of permanent childhood colds, he is simply irreplaceable.

How does bioparoks children

Bioparox (active ingredient - fusafungine) - an antibiotic for topical use, which has a bacteriostatic effect, ie suspend the livelihoods of antibiotics sensitive to it.It has anti-inflammatory properties, and it removes swelling and other signs of inflammation.The microparticles penetrate the aerosol most inaccessible corners airway and provide a local effect, without being absorbed into the bloodstream.After inhalation aerosol the active substance is deposited on the mucosal surface of the respiratory tract, where it exerts its activity.

sensitivity to most infectious agents that "live" in the mouth, in the nasopharynx, paranasal sinuses, larynx and bronchi.It staphylococci, streptococci, mycoplasma, and fungi of the genus Candida.

Children, unlike adults are particularly prone to colds as viral and bacterial origin.Often viral infection becomes bacterial.Start all children with colds usually upper respiratory tract, and if time does not stop the infection, it can be complicated.Bioparox which has no systemic effects on the body, can cause traditional antibiotics for complications, such as intestinal dysbiosis Intestinal dysbacteriosis - how dangerous it is? Intestinal dysbiosis - how dangerous it is? .

Bioparox Indications for use in children, and contraindications for its reception

Bioparox used for the topical treatment of infectious and inflammatory diseases of upper respiratory tract, upper respiratory tract and even in some cases - bronchitis.

bioparoks has particular importance in the treatment of pharyngitis and acute exacerbations of chronic tonsillitis - organs that are affected with colds in the first place.Palatine tonsils of the child are a major barrier to infection: lymphoid tissue holds pathogens, often inflamed when it herself.While tonsils able to cope with its function, they inhibit infection and chronic tonsillitis is compensated.When they lose their ability to inhibit infection and themselves become the focus of infection, it becomes decompensated chronic tonsillitis.In this case, the infection spreads to all the surrounding tissues.

chronic tonsillitis not always easy to treat.Take for each exacerbation systemic antibiotics is impossible, as this would cause intestinal dysbiosis and decreased immunity (the majority of immune cells located in the intestine).In this case, antibiotics in the aerosol can be a wonderful way out.After removal of the tonsils Tonsillectomy - when to carry out the operation? Tonsillectomy - when to carry out the operation? (tonsillectomy) is also used to prevent postoperative bioparoks infections.

Frequent colds, acute exacerbations adenoiditis and such as sinusitis and frontal sinusitis may also be a reason for the application Bioparox children.If the time to treat exacerbation of chronic adenoiditis, the adenoids adenoids - growth of the pharyngeal tonsil Adenoids - proliferation pharyngeal tonsil will not grow, which in turn prevents the aggravation of the disease.

bioparoks In some cases, even with help of mild bronchitis, preventing the spread of infection in the lung tissue.

bioparoks contraindicated if you are hypersensitive to the drug and the age of 2.5 years - young children may cause laryngospasm - a spasm of the glottis, where the air does not enter the lungs.

How to apply bioparoks children

Bioparox Inhalation can be done both in the mouth and nose.At a cold, inflammation of the sinuses (sinusitis, Front) zapryskivayut medication in the nose using a special tip of the nose.Before inhalation of the nose should be thoroughly blown out, and then enter part of the tip of the nostril and press the bottom of the vial.Clicking on the bottom of the vial should be to take a deep breath to microparticles of the drug hit the most remote corners.Roth during the procedure should be closed.

If we treat angina, chronic tonsillitis Chronic tonsillitis - inflammation of the tonsils Chronic tonsillitis - inflammation of the tonsils , pharyngitis or laryngitis, the inhalation is performed through the mouth, using a special tip for the mouth.

tip is placed in the mouth, covering his mouth, take a deep breath while pressing the bottom of the vial.

When traheobronhitah before inhaling the drug by mouth should be well clear his throat, and then take a deep breath spray and hold your breath for a few seconds to cure came as far as possible into the bronchi.

Bioparox can be a good tool in the treatment of diseases of the nasopharynx in children, but it should only appoint a doctor.

Galina Romanenko