The child is not sick: especially care

that the child was sick parents dream that their child had always been healthy, but often do interfere with this.This statement seems absurd at first glance.Of course, no one specifically will not harm the child, but in fact it turns out that good intentions to protect and obereganie your child turn into trouble in the form of frequent illnesses.Hardening of many seems to be something absolutely impossible to apply to the young child, in fact, there are simple techniques that are available to any parents.

Features newborn baby

child is born with the ability to adapt the rich to help him survive in a variety of conditions.These opportunities are reduced every day, if they are not needed, and the task of parents - to save them and use for the benefit of your child.To do this you need to do a little bit in the first place, to properly prepare the room for the newborn.It should be bright, sunny, with the possibility of airing, and variations in the degree of opening windows or vents.The optimum temperature of 18-20 degrees for the newborn.Adults, it feels like cool, but to start a child protection mechanisms - optimally.

Many parents are afraid of drafts, so ventilate the room only in the absence of the child in it.In fact, the child is not afraid of the flow of fresh air directed away from him, far more dangerous than finding a child in a stuffy room with stale air.In addition, high ambient temperature reduces the protective properties of the body, and at the slightest supercooling child is sick.Just keeping fresh cool air into the baby's room, parents make the first step away from the disease.

Terms dressing baby

Houses child should be dressed in the same way as an adult.That is, if the mother is in a dressing-gown - a child in a vest, if the mother was wearing socks - baby need to wear shirts.To walk on the child put on a layer of clothing more than adults.That is, if the mother puts on a jacket on the child she wears a jacket in addition to overalls.

Grown child - after he began to walk on their own - need the right to pick up clothes, which should be easy for him.Many parents strive to ensure that the child was always warm hands and feet.It is fundamentally wrong, because prevents the formation of the natural protective properties of the organism.Optimally, if the child goes home and other safe places barefoot.

barefoot children Opponents say that there is no use in walking on smooth laminate.But the child during the day goes not only on the floor, he examines every corner of the apartment - the carpet, sofa, chairs, that is, his feet are constantly in contact with different materials and surfaces, in connection with which there is a constant natural foot massage, as well as theknown, it is active on the foot point of the whole organism.

thermal food processing

seems that between food and quenching connection is not visible, but a child who eats right and gets all the necessary components of food, of course, will be more resistant to disease.The second factor associated with food is its temperature.Many mothers warmed everything that gets in the baby's mouth, even water.This is wrong, and reduces the protective properties of the body.Hot food is necessary for the child as well as the use of cool and cold drinks, for example, even ice.It hardens the throat and reduces susceptibility to germs.

Tempering water

fact that many parents consider hardening - dousing with cold water after swimming - not really hardening, but a process that encourages a short-term release of adrenaline during cold stress How to beat stress?Create an oasis How to beat stress? , which also protects the child from the disease within a few hours.Upon termination of douches stops and protection.

Thus, to protect the child from diseases, it is necessary to perform three simple conditions:

  • ensure the child optimum temperature in a well-ventilated area.
  • not overheat, dress according to the ambient temperature, to give the opportunity to walk barefoot.
  • provide proper nutrition Proper nutrition - basic precepts of healthy food Proper nutrition - the basic precepts of healthy food , allow the use of cool and cold products.

Svetlana Shimkovich