A baby's skin in the summer: the five main safety rules

A baby Summer brings a whole set of different skin problems, but none of them are such, which you can not prepare for.Find out what must be in your beach bag and how to cope with wounding knees and elbows.If your kids are big enough to share this knowledge with them, so that they can take care of themselves.

Sun protection

sun's rays are one of the main threats to the skin, and not only in summer.When the kids are going for a walk, make sure they are up and down smeared sunscreen.To apply the cream safely and effectively, follow these guidelines:

  • do not miss anything.It is easy to forget the cleanser, such as the skin in the ears or inside of the knee, there however, the skin can be affected in the same way as in other areas.Experts also urged to pay special attention to the scalp and the area around the eyes.
  • Many children have hypersensitivity to the conventional sunscreens.If you notice any reaction on the skin of your child, and if he has very sensitive skin Sensitive skin: causes and care Sensitive skin: causes and care , look for creams with zinc oxide and titanium dioxide.These compounds provide strong protection without causing irritation because they are not absorbed into the skin and form a protective layer on its surface.These ingredients not only to spare the skin, but also provide protection from the rays of various types, and not only children but also adults.
  • For children there is a lot of special funds to protect from the sun, but babies need protection even more careful.Most doctors do not recommend the use of sunscreen to children under 6 months.Instead, they need to be in the shade and wearing clothing and hats to protect from the sun.If after 6 months, your baby is sensitive to the components of sunscreen, talk about it with your pediatrician.

restless kids

«But, Mom, I'm going just for a moment!" If this phrase is familiar to you, you probably know how difficult it is to explain to children why it is necessary to protect the skin - and make them evenshort time to calm down and listen carefully to you.

  • Help them to understand the purpose.Do you prepare them for the trip to the beach or hiking in the woods, tell them why what you do is important.Why do I need mosquito repellent?As a hat to protect against sunburn on his face?If your kids do not like each day to put on the skin sunscreen Sunscreen: not just for the beach Sunscreen is not just for the beach , too, tell them why you're using it, and not just make them obey.
  • Tell them about the sun.Even if the child is 2 or 3 years, he is able to understand that, when the sun's rays are the most vivid and hot, the skin can get burnt.It is necessary to explain to the children that at certain times the sun can be harmful irrespective of the weather and time of year.Otherwise, you will constantly hear something like, "Well today is cloudy, then to me this cream?".
  • Add fun.Instead of the obligatory and almost compulsory make applying sunscreen daily ritual.Develop a sense of responsibility so that they can do it without your help.If necessary, Jr. can help older children.
  • Let them make the choice themselves.Scented spray or cream favorite color applied more interesting than the one you have chosen for yourself.And the realization that he has made a choice on their own, give the child to feel more responsibility.

protection chlorine

If your child does not want anything but to spend days on end in the pool, so be prepared.

  • Choose a cream with a high SPF and apply it often.Whatever the composition of the cream, apply it again is as important as, and to apply it at all.The level of protection should be at least SPF 30, and if the baby is a lot of bathing, it is important to apply the cream every two hours.
  • distinguish between "waterproof" and "water-repellent".They are often confused.Water-repellent cream protects you for 40 minutes after you leave the water, a water-resistant - 80 minutes.
  • Allow time.Meanwhile, as you have done so, and sunscreen when the child will dive into the pool must be at least 15 minutes.To start working components, the cream should be absorbed into the skin.


The longer the day, the more time children spend playing outside, and parents will inevitably have to dealsunburn.But do not worry, you can remove the irritation of the skin and help the child recover more quickly after the burn.

  • Take away the baby in the shade as soon as notice that it burned.With every minute the burn will become stronger.
  • To avoid dehydration, the child should drink plenty of fluids.
  • To soothe the skin burnt by the sun, use a gel or lotion with aloe vera Aloe - its amazing healing properties of Aloe - its amazing medicinal properties .
  • If your child complains of pain, let his soft-counter painkillers.But if a child has a fever begins and / or blisters on the skin appeared, contact your doctor.

bruises and scratches

more time outdoors and less clothing means the daily wounds, scrapes and bruises - nothing pleasant for the parents.You can not pack a child in protective clothing from head to toe, but you can teach him how to take care of their skin.

  • Wash the wound with soap and water.Despite the fact that now there are many commercially available antibacterial agents, soap remains the gold standard when it comes to protecting against bacteria.
  • On those occasions when soap and water are not handy, take it with a damp cloth.Only refer to them unable to get very young children - due to the large amount of alcohol in these products entering them in the mouth can be dangerous.
  • Any open wounds need to close up a plaster or bandage to tie, so they do not hit the bacteria.Apply cold compresses to the bruises, such as bags of frozen vegetables - is to temporarily relieve pain.
  • Do everything possible so that children do not interfere with Ranko heal.Explain to them that it is not necessary to remove the patch and pick the dried crust.

When you know how to properly care for the child's skin, the summer becomes a little easier.And if you can teach them to take care of themselves - will be even better.Keep everything you need, especially when going camping or to the beach.So you will save yourself from unnecessary stress How to beat stress?Create an oasis How to beat stress? in the warm season and be able to get the most out of communication with children.