Faringosept for children - without the side effects

Faringosept children Faringosept often used in the treatment of colds in children, because it acts only locally, has almost no side effects and contraindications and do not cause dysbiosis.The latter is especially important for children, as with the advent of dysbiosis reduced immunity.

It's no secret that children attending children's group, adults get sick more often.This is due to the imperfection of immunity, which matures in different children at different times.When a child is at home with his mother, he is rarely sick, and with proper care and feeding can and do not get sick.Proper feeding - is, first of all, breastfeeding up to one year, with the mother's milk child receives antibodies to various infections.Therefore, children who had not received prior to human milk, get sick more often.

When the child is two - three years is given in the nursery or the kindergarten, most children are still immature immune system and immediately begin to ache, as in the children's collective always circulates infection.The first year or a few months in a kindergarten child can often get sick colds.But then, most of the children gradually adapt and sick less often.For a school child comes with the already formed immunity.There are some children who do not get sick from the very beginning - it shows good immunity.And there are children with weakened immune systems who suffer longer than attend kindergarten.These children are called "nesadovskimi" - they are not yet ready to ensure that children stay in the team, and if it continues to attend, they often earn some chronic infectious and inflammatory diseases.

How to be poor parents, because work-sometimes just need to?In this case, it is best to help the prevention of diseases: the maximum stay in the fresh air, the strengthening of the non-specific (not to any specific infectious agents and to any infection) immunity in the form of tempering procedures, vitamin-mineral complexes, if necessary - immunomodulators Immunomodulators: a contract with the protective forces of the organism Immunomodulators: a contract with the protective forces of the organism .

Faringosept to prevent colds

good means to prevent heavy for colds is Faringosept.This drug has a local antibacterial effect, it can be applied as soon as the child is sick and he showed signs of a cold.Even if the cause of the common cold - a viral infection Faringosept will benefit, as will warn reproduction of pathogenic bacteria that often "walk in the footsteps of viruses" and penetrate into the inflamed mucous membranes of the oral cavity and pharynx.If the infection is bacterial origin, Faringosept will have a therapeutic effect.

Properties Faringosept

Faringosept peculiarity is that it suppresses the livelihoods of the majority of opportunistic bacteria that live on the mucous membranes of the mouth and throat.And start giving it to the baby as soon as possible, as soon as he was ill.But at the same time you need to call a doctor to clarify whether the child will be enough of this treatment.The fact is that sometimes when lowered immunity even purulent septic infections occur without fever.If you want to assign the child antibiotics, they may well be combined with the admission Faringosept - it goes well with any drugs.Sensitivity to Faringosept pathogens hardly decreases over time.

Most importantly, Faringosept not cause dysbiosis - the suppression of vital functions of normal intestinal microflora, and hence the reduction of immunity.The fact that there are many gut lymphoid tissue, which are produced by immune cells.When dysbiosis occurs improper digestion of food, and the surface of the bowel is clogged with toxic substances, fecal stones and mucus, which hinders the function of the lymphoid tissue, and reduces immunity.Almost all antibiotics Antibiotics - whether they will help you in the foreseeable future? Antibiotics - whether they will help you in the foreseeable future? cause low immunity.

Faringosept indicated for children from three years before to use it does not make sense, as a small child can not suck the tablet - so used Faringosept.From three to seven years, the drug is prescribed for a tablet three times a day 30 minutes after eating.After receiving Faringosept at least two hours should not eat and drink.Babies after seven years, as well as adults, it is recommended intake is 5 tablets per day.The course of treatment - not less than 5 days since Faringosept accumulate in the lining of the mouth and throat for 4 - 5 days.If necessary, the doctor can extend the reception Faringosept for a few days.

Assign Faringosept acute respiratory viral infections, pharyngitis, acute tonsillitis Chronic tonsillitis - inflammation of the tonsils Chronic tonsillitis - inflammation of the tonsils , adenoiditis (as preventing the spread of infection from the nasal cavity to the surrounding tissue), inflammation of the gums Gum disease - notlightly Gum disease - do not treat lightly , stomatitis, after tooth extraction.

Faringosept - a drug that is used most widely in children.

Galina Romanenko