An allergic rash in children - will be held in itself?

allergic rash in children often saw a rash on the skin of the child, the parents are not concerned, writing off its appearance at the usual allergies, which will take place by itself.But, unfortunately, allergic rash is very varied, and the emergence of some of its species require immediate treatment.

Eczema usually develops in early childhood.It manifested in the initial stage as a reddening of the skin.Usually affects the skin of the face and hands, sometimes can be a different location.If allergen exposure is continued, against the background of redness appear microscopic bubbles with serous content, which quickly opened, forming the effect of weeping surface, then dry up, forming crusts.

What to do: identify and eliminate allergens.Treatment of eczema Eczema - barely treatable Eczema - is difficult to treat long, under the supervision of a specialist, since the wrong treatment can form visible defects of the skin.In the currently used zinc paste, Naftalan ointment and other local media.Appointed desensitizing therapy.


may develop at any age.Characterized by pale pink rash in the form of blisters of varying size, towering above the skin and cause severe itching.It appears as a result of food allergies - throughout the body or locally in response to household chemicals - at the point of contact.If the rash caused dyes in clothing or its composition (eg, wool), the elements of hives will thicken in places more snug clothing to the body.

What to do: avoid contact with the allergen.Give an antihistamine, an appropriate age of the child.Watch, if new elements - seek medical advice.


Sometimes called giant rapidly spreading hives.This is a very dangerous condition, especially if developed in the larynx, as it may result in fatal asphyxia.There is a blister, which is within a few minutes significantly increases in size, causing a dense swelling Prevention and treatment of edema - it is important to understand the root cause of Prevention and treatment of edema - it is important to understand the root cause skin with pressure - painless.

What to do: immediately call an ambulance.Hospitalization may not be necessary, but the administration of intravenous or intramuscular injection of desensitizing means necessary.

urticaria pigmentosa

variation of systemic mastocytosis is manifested in the form of spots and bumps on the skin, oval, brownish color.If you spot a good rub - it swells, it turns into a blister.Mastocytoma appear when the child is a few months, most of all - two - three.

they are detected by accident, his parents when viewed from the baby's skin.Often localized in the back and legs.Single mastocytoma in most cases do not pose a threat to life, and can spontaneously disappear to early school age.

in systemic mastocytosis Mastocytosis - possibly fatal Mastocytosis - possible death elements on the skin combined with the defeat of the internal organs.Therefore, the detection of even a single mastocytoma need to consult a dermatologist for a thorough examination.

What to do: individual (solitary) mastocytoma not require treatment.It is recommended to avoid provoking factors, which include mechanical damage mastocytoma, increased solar radiation, infectious diseases that occur with fever.

Multiple systemic mastocytosis little studied.Modern methods of treatment, even ineffective.The child must be seen by a dermatologist.

erythema multiforme exudative

cause a variety of causes, including viral, fungal and bacterial infections, as well as non-infectious factors (sulfonamides, for example).

The disease can manifest itself in three forms.

  • most favorable - Short Form (type Emblems) - manifested in the appearance of swollen pink round spots and papules the size of a lentil.They gradually grow to 30 millimeters in diameter.At the heart sink, there formed a bubble, which is formed in situ erosion.The process takes a week to a month and a half.
  • great shape - (syndrome of Steven - Johnson) - is characterized by the acute onset with fever to high numbers and the emergence of a common bubble rash all over the body, including mucous membranes and internal organs.Forecast questionable, possibly fatal.
  • Lyell's syndrome - the most severe form of the disease - begins with high fever, erythematous-bullous lesions.Then there is a diffuse erythema with hemorrhagic shade, painful, which is distributed throughout the body of the patient.A few hours later comes the rejection of the epithelium, and remain extensive bleeding erosion.The forecast is very unfavorable.A very high mortality rate.

What to do: at the slightest suspicion on the development of erythema multiforme exudative Erythema - which means red skin? Erythema - which means red skin? - doctor on call at home, followed by hospitalization.

Svetlana Shimkovich