The treatment of lactase insufficiency in formula-fed infants

treatment of lactase insufficiency in formula-fed infants Due to force majeure child left without breast milk.The mother picks him one after the other mixture, but none fit: the child is still in the meal starts to worry, cry, and then throws the bottle to suck the mixture is short leg to his stomach, shouting, and after a while there is a frothy, liquid stools, abundantwith a sour smell.This happens several times a day, always during feeding.Often this is due to the child's condition lactase deficiency, in which you need to carefully pick his food.

We select mixture

Children with lactase deficiency, a mixture of selected individually.Begin feeding with lactose free formula or a mixture with traces of lactose.This type of compounds are mixtures used as the main component of soy protein, such as Similac-izomil (USA), Nutrilon soya (Netherlands / Russia), Frisosoy (Holland), soybeans Nan (Switzerland), Nutrilak soybeans (Russia), Soybeanssempai (Switzerland), Enfamil soy (USA), Humana SL (Germany) and the mixture based on the full or partial protein hydrolyzate, which include Alfaro (Switzerland), Pregestemil (USA), Enfamil Nutramigen (USA), Frisopep (Holland).

can not use such a mixture for continuous supply of the child, as this may lead to a breach of growth of normal microflora in the gut.

After improving health and normalization of stool must either go to a mixture of low-lactose, such as Nan HA (Switzerland), Hipp HA 1 (Austria) or Humana GA1 (Germany), or to replace part of the mixture with a mixture of lactose free with normal lactose.

If you choose the way of replacement, the first substitute for one fifth of the mixture lactose free mixture with normal lactose, and lactose free produce it after the mixture through the feed.In the normal state of health of the baby the next day the new mixture is given at each feeding.After three days in the preservation of a normal chair and well-being replaced by one-fourth of the mixture lactose free at each feeding.Thus, the substitution of the mixture is continued, focusing on the well-being of the child.

Repeated signs of lactase deficiency is necessary to return to the previous diet and maintain it for a month, after which you can gently try to increase the amount of the mixture with normal lactose.

introduction of complementary foods at the lactase deficiency

Lure when lactase deficiency in children on artificial feeding is administered in accordance with the age recommendations of pediatricians.Kashi is recommended to prepare not for whole milk, and blend that nourishes the baby, it helps his digestion and to avoid discomfort.Fruit purees, manufactured industrially, are entered in the child's diet over four months, and fruit juices - after six months.Dairy products such as yogurt and kefir Kefir : benefits and harms drink centenarians Yogurt: benefits and harms drink centenarians , should enter with mild to moderate form of lactase deficiency after the child reaches one year of age.

In severe lactase deficiency can be used as an additional supply special Low-dairy products.These patients often need to limit the use of drugs, including biological products, in which lactose is used as filler.These children can use drugs Lactase Lactase Baby Baby - biologically active food supplement for children Lactase Baby - biologically active food supplement for children and lactase enzyme before taking dairy products, following the recommendations of a pediatrician.

Svetlana Shimkovich