Rash in children with infectious diseases: Key

cyp in children with infectious diseases Every mother knows about the existence of the so-called childhood diseases, and that they are accompanied by a rash.But what is an infection, and what happens at each of these rashes, do not know everything.Children infections transmitted by airborne droplets, and have a high index of contagiousness -that is in contact with the patient the risk of disease is very high.

rash of varicella (chickenpox)

rash varicella Chickenpox - not just a childhood disease characterized Chickenpox - not just a childhood disease false polymorphism: simultaneously on the child's body may be different elements - spots, papules, vesicles, pustules and crusts.In fact, it is the transformation of chicken pox rash.

During the first three - four days, there are always new elements rash.They look like pink spots three to five millimeters in diameter.During the day spots are transformed into papules are raised above the skin, and then on top of papules appear bubble - it turns into a vesicle.A day later the contents of the vesicle becomes cloudy, it becomes pustules.Then the vial is opened, dries up, covered with crust.It turns out that on the fourth day of the beginning of the rash on the skin will be all of these kinds of rashes.

intensity lesions may be different - from a few to hundreds of items that can not be account.Rash localized uniformly over the entire surface, including the scalp and mucous membranes.Make sure that the child is not combed rashes, for the prevention of infection.

rash of measles

measles rash looks quite different.At first the baby runny nose, sore throat, cough, watery eyes.Very annoying bright lights, so these children like a darkened room, closed the curtains.The rash appears on the background of the high temperature, it appears as red spots.

spots first appear behind the ears, on the face and neck, then three days later descends, spreading throughout the body.Spots slightly raised above the skin, tend to merge.But it is always possible to find areas of intact skin.Gradually the spots darken and disappear in the same sequence in which appeared.

rash of rubella

rash of rubella Rubella - it is better to be vaccinated Rubella - it is better to be vaccinated very similar to measles.It also appears behind the ears, face and neck, then within three days down below.It looks like rash pink spots, but with no tendency to merge.Do not leave pigmentation disappears without a trace on the third - the fifth day.The general health of the child are usually not affected, which is a characteristic difference from measles Measles in children - may cause serious complications Measles in children - may cause serious complications .

rash of scarlet fever

Disease begins acutely, with the increase in body temperature to febrile digits.The child complains of, first of all, the pain in my throat.

characteristic rash enough - it looks like a small pink dots on a background of reddened skin.The rash on the face is condensed, in the natural skin folds and the side surface of the trunk.

Characterized by a pale nasolabial triangle that emphasizes bright gipermirovanymi cheeks.Zev is characterized as a flaming.The language that initially thickly coated with white bloom, with the third - the fourth day starts to be cleaned, it is bright red, with shiny hypertrophied papillae.Such language is called crimson.

Skin rash lasts up to a week, then disappears, leaving no pigmentation.Two weeks later, there is plate-shaped peeling of the entire body, including the palms and soles.

Thus, when a rash of childhood infections quite characteristic and has a lot of features.But, unfortunately, there are many forms of the course of diseases, among which there are atypical and erased.Therefore, the dynamics of the rash may differ from the classical and be difficult to diagnose.

Svetlana Shimkovich