Vezikulopustulez children: impact of prickly heat

vezikulopustulez children When lowered immunity, poor nutrition, excessive wrapping, heat and humidity thin skin of a newborn baby is extremely delicate, which is manifested diaper rash, or prickly heat.If the adverse effects continue to develop more serious diseases, such as pyoderma.The most common type of pyoderma is vezikulopustulez.

Vezikulopustulez - a surface stafilodermiya newborn that affects the mouth of the sweat glands.Most often it occurs in debilitated children and formula-fed infants.


rash first appears on the skin pinkish-red rash, raised above the surface.It is localized mainly in the armpits, in the neck, groin and buttocks - where difficult natural ventilation of the body.Rash regarded as prickly heat.If treatment is not carried out or carried out adequately, and the defense mechanisms of the child are violated, the disease moves into a phase vezikulopustuleza.In the mouths of the sweat glands are formed bubbles the size of millet grain to the pea.They are gathering in the natural folds, but there may be throughout the body, including the scalp.Rashes very much.

bubbles first have a clear content, and then turbid, ulcerate, leaving a crust that podzhivaya, disappear.Body temperature is usually not raised or low-grade, general state of health is not substantially affected.If appropriate measures are taken - the disease is completely held on the seventh day.

However, if the wrong treatment of a disease may be complicated by purulent process in the form of otitis media Otitis - than could face an ear infection Otitis - than could face an ear infection , pneumonia, pyelonephritis Pyelonephritis - kidney Pyelonephritis - kidney , omphalitis.In advanced cases does not preclude the development of sepsis - the child's state of health deteriorates, it becomes sluggish, weak.Significantly increased body temperature.A child ceases to take the breast.

Treatment vezikulopustuleza

When the first bubble precipitations necessarily need to call a doctor, to establish diagnosis and treatment.In the period

rash wash and bathe the child should be rarely and cautiously, in weak solutions of antiseptics (potassium permanganate), as it may contribute to the spread of infection to healthy skin.

all the skin is treated with antiseptic solutions such as furatsilin, rivanol.Sami rash smeared antibacterial ointments, for example, or geliomitsinovoy linkomitsinovoy.The clothes and diapers washed separately and compulsorily treated with a hot iron.

child should receive adequate, age-appropriate, food.Optimally - breast milk.If breast feeding is not possible and there is no donor milk, the selected adapted milk formula Dairy mixture - selection of the useful power Dairy mixture - selection of useful power .

If during treatment for two - three days of the child's condition does not improve, you need to see a doctor again.Usually it offered treatment in a hospital profile, since the risk of complications in newborns is very high.The hospital examined the child, appoint a complex treatment, which must include an injection of antibiotics, taking into account the sensitivity of the microbial flora.Antibiotic treatment for a long period, the drug can vary several times.

children hospitalized in separate boxes.Always careful observance of sanitary-epidemiological regime kvartsevanie chambers.

The warning factors

neonatal period - the most dangerous period in a child's life.Therefore, parents should be very careful about any violations of his health.

combination of rashes on the body with fever - an occasion for medical emergencies at home.But sometimes, especially in immunocompromised manifestation of the disease may not be as bright, but rather worn out.

Parents need to be guarded, and consult with your pediatrician if your child periodically arise festering blisters on the body, even in small amounts, if the overall health of the child is suffering.For example, for a long time does not heal or umbilical wound festers, the baby often vomits Why the child vomits frequently - what are the norm? Why the child vomits frequently - what are the norm? , not breastfeeding, or refuses food, gaining weight a little sluggishly responds to others.

Svetlana Shimkovich