Feijoa useful properties: reasonable expectations

Feijoa useful properties now known many examples of extinction and the emergence of entire species.Natural conditions are others, and with them changing flora.Some flowers, shrubs, trees are fundamentally different from those of his predecessors, as amended and edible plants, mainly fruits and berries.The evolutionary process within centuries imperceptible, but still, the emergence of new plants or substantial changes in the existing can be seen.However, fruits and berries are united, that for thousands of years they have remained virtually unchanged and is very useful for humans.Feijoa useful properties are well-known for many centuries, and from the nineteenth century berry has spread around the world.

amazing berry

grows on trees or bushes in the subtropical regions of South America, Africa.Recently berry grown in greenhouses and even not only in the subtropics.By type and size can be compared with kiwi or small potatoes.The color is usually green, peel a little tight, ripe berries in a jelly-like consistency, having a pleasant fragrance similar to strawberries or kiwi.The taste resembles a pineapple Pineapple : caloric and other features sweet fruit Pineapple: calorie content and other characteristics of sweet fruit , but more acidic.In its composition among the most mineralized and fortified fruit, and contains a lot of fiber, and pectin iodine, vitamin C, antioxidant, tannin, catechin, a lot of calcium and minerals that promote absorption of all light components.So what can be called a true berry vitamin-mineral complex.

Basic properties feijoa

  • Prevention.Iodine, pectin, thiamine (vitamin B1), calcium, vitamin C and antioxidants well lower blood pressure, strengthen the cardiovascular and nervous system, bones, muscles, effectively cleanse the body of toxins, improve immunity, promote rejuvenation.Pharmacological
  • .Manufacture of medical food supplements Supplements - basic classification Food additives - basic classification and vitamins.First of all, from the berries get "easy" iodine, whose action on hormones stabilizes the whole body.It effectively acts on the brain activity.Pectin cleanses the intestines, having good absorption, and together with thiamine and antioxidants Antioxidants: the truth about the notorious use Antioxidants: the truth about the notorious benefits regulates metabolism improves metabolism and losing weight without dieting Improves metabolism and losing weight without dieting , significantly improves the performance of the digestive system and kidneys.Vitamin B1 is used in the treatment of endocrine system and diabetes.Calcium is widely used in diseases of the musculoskeletal system.Vitamin C, tannin and kotehin used in the treatment of heart and blood vessels.
  • Technology.Pectin used for the preservation of products.It is possible to eliminate the unnatural preservatives, and during preservation temperature conditions become more loyal, which helps preserve vitamins in canned foods.Sometimes canned added thiamine, facilitating easier absorption of food.
  • Cosmetic.Their skin feijoa get antioxidants and enzymes that are widely used in the manufacture of anti-aging creams and masks.Pectin and vitamin C is used in the manufacture of nutrient creams, lotions, cosmetic milk.
  • taste.It has a subtropical flavor freshness with strawberry-pineapple flavor makes it possible to prepare from different feijoa juice, mousse and cocktails.Berry is also used for making fruit salads.It is known for the unique mixture of pulp feijoa, walnut, honey and lemongrass, which is used even in the preparation of cosmonauts.

Properties feijoa fruit still investigating as many interesting secrets stored in itself enzymes and antioxidants.So it is not far off the new discoveries about the healing effect of this amazing fruit on the human body.

Nelly Ryabinin