Feijoa at home: exotica on the windowsill

feijoa home cultivation of various plants in the home usloviyah- pretty exciting activity, especially if the process finishes flowering, or appearance of something tasty and healthy.The most common "window" plants is, of course, the flowers, but for many this is not enough.Therefore, breeding of all that can grow on a windowsill, and then subject to human consumption, are engaged in many, but achieve the desired result is not all.Too many intricacies, especially if the plant is exotic.Growing feijoa in the home - this is the same case.

And is it possible?

Feijoa is a "descendant" of the sub-tropical climate and grows mainly on trees that reach a height of five meters, or rather a large shrub.Terms subtropical suggest a particular soil, moisture and light.Despite this, the feijoa quietly growing in plantations and grow on the windowsill, if carefully follow the rules of care.So it's quite possible.

How to start

At first it is necessary to obtain seeds or cuttings.If it is about growing up in an apartment, cuttings will not do.Cuttings are best to use in the open ground.For obtaining seed berry is cut in half, then it goes out of the flesh with a spoon, gently pulled out a few seeds, well washed with pure water or a weak solution of potassium permanganate and well dried.

After that you need to prepare the land for container.The material can be different.At first, preferably a shallow pot seeds germinate.

land must consist of a half-normal soil.We should not bring it out of the nearest yard.It is advisable to travel further to where human activity is minimal.The other half should be clean sand and peat.

Planting and growing seeds

Seeds should be planted at a depth of about five millimeters and a few centimeters from each other.Soil temperature should be around twenty degrees.After that the land should be well watered with water at room temperature.Planting is best since March.About a month and a half will sprout leaves.When the leaves will form (usually blocked at each shoot four) shoots are transplanted to individual wooden vats with a larger volume of soil and an additive consisting of twenty percent of the natural organic component, such as manure and the same proportion of pure sand.Then well watered.

Growing fruits

This step requires special care, because it is necessary to carefully monitor the temperature and humidity, as well as the very process of growth.The air temperature must be no more than twenty-five degrees and the humidity increased, so it is advisable to spray a little watered at least once a day.You should avoid direct sunlight, but do not forget that feijoa Feijoa: use flavored Feijoa: use flavored - photophilous plant.After reaching a height of about thirty centimeters necessary to cut off the top, that growth continued in the side.Dried leaves and stems also have to clean up.In the first three years feijoa biannually transplanted into fresh soil.During the growth process is necessary to add a little bit each month manure, ashes and superphosphate.To appear fruit, you must make pollination.You need at least two plants, flowering which should be simultaneous.

Keep in mind that different varieties of feijoa is.Therefore, the plant can begin to bear fruit, and two years later, and after five years.Before sowing, it is necessary to know more about the type of berry.

Nelly Ryabinin