Tarragon: toning wormwood to increase potency

Tarragon This sort of wormwood have few familiar names: tarragon, tarragon, tarragon.From this fragrant herb make concentrate for the famous soft drink bright green "Tarragon".This fragrant seasoning for meat and fish dishes and sauces, is a common spice that is added to pickles and conservation of vegetables and mushrooms.Tarragon prepared broths and masks for skin care face and neck, tarragon is used in folk medicine as a tonic and vitamin remedy.

What tarragon

Tarragon or tarragon (Artemisia dracunculus) - herbaceous plant of the genus Artemisia family Asteraceae.This herb grows wild everywhere, is cultivated as a spice.Lives tarragon on gravel, sandstone, sometimes in the fields.Homeland tarragon recognized Mongolia and Eastern Siberia.Latin name tarragon stands for "healthy little dragon", apparently due to the fact that the appearance of the sharp leaves of the plant resembles a dragon's forked tongue.According to another version, the name tarragon received for his ability to be an antidote to the bite of some poisonous snakes and lizards.Surprisingly, the predecessor of the Latin name of the plant was the Arabic word «tarkhun», which translated means the same thing.

composition, value and use of tarragon

in tarragon essential oil contains Essential oils and conception: can help roses? Essential oils and conception: can help roses? , flavonoids, carotene, alkaloids, coumarins acid, vitamins A, C, B, potassium, calcium, phosphorous, iron.Spicy spicy flavor tarragon due to the high content of essential oils.Tarragon is used as a spice that enhances the secretion of gastric juice and increases appetite.Even in ancient times, herbs have been used as a folk remedy to deal with insomnia, depression, tooth and headache, to increase potency Increased potency - how to stay young? Increased potency - how to stay young? men for beriberi.In combination with other herbs tarragon can be used instead of salt, which is especially valuable for those suffering from hypertension.

main application tarragon found in cooking, where it is used as a seasoning, is appreciated for its fresh, tangy, refreshing flavor and spicy aroma.Apply tarragon brine composed for various pickles and conservation fresh grass rub meat and fish before marinating foods are not to sit on the fly, do not breed bacteria.If you omit a sprig of tarragon in a bottle of wine vinegar, after a couple of weeks to get a good dressing for salads.

tarragon In the old days was used as an effective folk remedy for dropsy and scurvy Scurvy: a rare but dangerous Scurvy: a rare but dangerous , and vinegar, infused with tarragonmixed with vodka or rum, used for rubbing with colds.In ancient Arabic treatises preserved recipes tinctures and rastirok with tarragon for the treatment of sleep disorders Dreams: how to understand our dreams Dreams: how to understand our dreams , fresh breath, and improve the taste of bitter medicines.

It is interesting

in cooking around the tarragon are added to products for a variety of special properties of food.For example, in France, tarragon seasoned beef, and in Armenia - the trout, the Caucasus - lamb, Ukraine - cheese.Tarragon is a part of the famous national sauces like tartar and Berne, Dijon mustard.Adding tarragon sauce familiar to anyone - mayonnaise, ketchup, you can give a whole new meaning classic seasonings.It goes well with tarragon eggs, chicken and seafood.This feature spicy plants - a unique compatibility with other seasonings and spices and harmonious combination of almost any product.

famous green soft drink called "Tarragon" for the first time prepared a pharmacist Mitrofan Ishino Tiflis in 1887.He first thought of adding mineral water in homemade scented herbs.Tbilisi (Georgia) there are still shops that sell water Ishino, including drink "Tarragon" always holds the leading position, being hit.Many bottlers in the CIS countries produce similar soft drinks, but to achieve the usual green color used any artificial coloring or preparing yellow drink fresh tarragon, pour it into a green plastic bottle.

Jeanne Pyatirikova