Propolis - Honey moon, an ally of health

propolis propolis - a resinous substance that bees use as an adhesive for glossing over the gaps.It contains about three hundred components of healthy, among which are antibacterial and antiviral components that make it indispensable for the prevention and treatment of many diseases.

The benefits of propolis was known in ancient Egypt, where it was used for many years for the process of mummification.It follows that this substance has the ability to block the activity of microorganisms, stopping their reproduction.Nowadays propolis is widely used for the treatment because of this quality.

most valuable in propolis are the different types of flavonoids, aromatic substances, essential oils and vitamins, oligo-elements necessary for the preservation or restoration of health.

strength of the natural "glue»

most often recommend the use of propolis for the treatment of throat, tonsillitis, pharyngitis, laryngitis, resulting from microbial growth in that area.If the disease is not accompanied by fever and not suspicious for something really dangerous is the disease of the throat - when it is red, tickle - you can try to treat propolis, stopping viral activity.

In addition, it is used to preserve the oral health disease or treatment such as bleeding gums How to prevent bleeding gums: important rules How to prevent bleeding gums: important rules.Sometimes it is caused by diabetes, sometimes - due to the general decrease in immunity.The gums should be brushed with propolis, to eliminate pain and reduce inflammation.For the same reason propolis lubricate inflamed bumps in areas affected by herpes, is applied to boils Boils and carbuncles - will warm compress Boils and carbuncles - will warm compress , skin abscesses.

have propolis well heals ability, so a thin layer it can be applied to wounds, abrasions - propolis soothes and tightens the affected area.Also, it is recommended to be used for the healing of the skin after sunburn.

Homeopaths recognize the analgesic effect of propolis, due to which it is used to relieve the symptoms of rheumatism Rheumatism - possible heart complications Rheumatism - possible heart complications , arthritis, arthrosis Osteoarthritis - when the joint loses its function Osteoarthritis - when the joint loses its function , spontaneously occurring muscle pain.

product forms

best not to use the pure propolis from the beehive, because it contains dirt, dust, particles of insects.Pure natural (native), propolis is used in folk medicine - it is chewed, is glued to the aching tooth or gum is placed on the patient.But many do not like it is burning, bitter taste.Propolis is currently available for purchase in a variety of forms: capsules, ointments, suppositories, lozenges, balms, alcohol tinctures, drops that are matched to the destination.


All properties of propolis are mainly in the framework of traditional medicine.It is a natural product that is used for many years to treat various diseases, but, nevertheless, it is necessary before using consult a homeopath, as well as to learn about the availability of food intolerances.

Propolis, like honey - a strong allergen.Even if the allergy is not observed, the treatment of propolis is not recommended to continue for more than three months.Also, do not take into concentrated preparations of propolis daily.