Verbena: a drink of love and protection from vampires

Verbena Bright flowering shrub - verbena, has a unique ability to excite the appetite, add passion in relationships and even protect from evil spirits.More than two hundred species of herbaceous plants used in folk medicine, pharmacology, magical religious ceremonies.The high content of essential oil Essential oils and conception: can help roses? Essential oils and conception: can help roses? in the roots, leaves and flowers, the vitamin C plant displays in the category of medicinal herbs that can cure many diseases, relieve fatigue and restore beauty and youth.

About vervain in the language of botany

This plant has a lot of people's names: Seventh grass or vein Venus, Juno tear, magical plants, blood Mercury, grass Gracia holy grass, Van Van, zalinyak, ironstone.Botanical name - verbena, Verbena officinalis, a genus of plants of the family Verbenaceae, which has two hundred and fifty species of annual grasses and dwarf shrubs up to one meter.

flowers from plants are very diverse: can be one color in a wide range - from white to bright red, from light blue to dark blue, and white or cream eye.Verbena blooms from June to October.Most species of grass growing in the New World - from Chile to Canada.Several species of verbena grows in Central Asia, Europe, Siberia and the Far East.It is best to plant flowers and reproduces in full sun, drought and frost.During flowering plant accumulates the largest percentage of essential oil, which resembles the smell of camphor, the main source of the substance is citral.In the same period, a pussy-willow contains up to a hundred milligrams of vitamin C.

Application verbena

very first medicines from the leaves of marigolds have been released by industrial methods in the XIX century and were intended to strengthen and hair growth.Today, at any pharmacy easily buy verbena in powder or assembly, decoctions and infusions that are used to treat migraine I have a migraine.What to do? I have a migraine. , to reduce body temperature, with certain diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, for appetite.

roots verbena drug used in canning cucumbers and preparations for the winter: the addition of this plant in the pouring the vegetables give a special flavor and taste.Tea made from marigolds is drunk to improve the general condition, maintenance of health, mood, for the normalization of deep sleep Dreams: how to understand our dreams Dreams: how to understand our dreams .Tea helps with various women's diseases, promotes lactation, breast-feeding infants, but is contraindicated in pregnancy.In cosmetology decoctions and infusions of verbena is used for the preparation of ointments, lotions and bath in which you can easily get rid of the redness and irritation of the skin of the face and body, rinse hair.

It is interesting

Celtic priests were made from verbena bewitching brew of love, which has another function: it is cast out demons and protected from evil spirits, vampires.Not for nothing was called vervain herb of Venus: the infusion of this plant helped lovers to keep the fire of mutual attraction, put out negative emotions Emotions and culture: how to decipher the emotional code Emotions and culture: how to decipher the emotional code , fear, anger, resentment, brought in a cheerful mood.Verbena was a grass ancient times of peace, happiness and harmony: it gave to the wedding, held in their hands during the peace talks.

ancient Greeks and Romans revered as a sacred plant vervain Mars and Venus.From the bright flowers woven wreaths, which were purified by the house and protect the family, were a symbol of a strong marriage.The first Christians called verbena "grass of the cross," because, according to legend, it was at this plant was shed blood on the cross of Jesus Christ.

verbena juice was used as a love potion in many magical ceremonies in different people, in different centuries.In the East, still relevant legend that this juice fulfills all desires and protects people from evil eye, damage, and all the diseases that he drink prepared on the basis of the juice of verbena flowers, runs all evil, his fear sorcerers, witches and ghouls.

prejudices and superstitions survive today, but it is difficult to overestimate the medicinal vervain: her valuable part of helping to get rid of fatigue and boredom, regain the beauty of skin and hair, quickly heal the physical and mental wounds to stop the bleeding.

Jeanne Pyatirikova