Melilot and its beneficial properties: weed and have secrets

  • melilot and its beneficial properties: weed and have secrets
  • Botanical characteristics melilot

Melilotus officinalis Donnik (lat. Melilotus) is currently growing on the planetalmost everywhere.This is a perennial plant in height from 60 to 200 centimeters.He is often seen in the meadows, vacant lots, roadsides.Sweet clover has a taproot, branching stems, sometimes quite thick and strong.The leaves consist of three small oblong leaflets.During flowering clover abundantly covered with long tassels, consisting of small yellow or white flowers with a sweet fragrance.Kiel is much shorter than the others parts of the flower, and it is a lot of honey.

Then there are wide black-seeded pods, often heavily wrinkled.

Flowers of all kinds of clover have a strong sweet scent;when they are dried, the smell becomes even stronger and more enjoyable.

clover Latin name translates as "honey lotus."He was very fond of bees.Furthermore, from this plant are often harvested livestock feed.

Useful properties clover

clover Useful properties have been known since ancient times.The famous ancient physician Galen recommended to their patients, who included members of the imperial family, an ointment prepared on the basis of clover, as a remedy for joint pain and various inflammations.

today for medicinal purposes are used all parts of the clover.Typically, flowers and buds were collected in May and dried.

main active ingredient of sweet clover is coumarin - a crystalline substance, which is formed during the drying process.In addition, sweet clover contains coumarin compounds associated with: gidrokumarinovaya acid ortokumarinovaya acid, lactone and aromatic oils Essential Oils - whether they will help in a difficult moment? Essential Oils - whether they will help in a difficult moment? .

Donnik has carminative and laxative effect, and also has anticoagulant properties.It can help with heart spasms, sleep disorders Dreams: how to understand our dreams Dreams: how to understand our dreams , headaches and migraines, high blood pressure and angina.

respiratory diseases clover can be used as an expectorant.Inhalation using broth clover helps with asthma;Some sources say that the same effect is produced by the inhalation of smoke from the combustion of dry clover.To check the effectiveness of this method may be unsafe for many reasons, it is recommended to restrict inhalation.

Donnik can be used as a remedy for amenorrhea.Mix equal volumes of dried clover, centaury and flowers mother and stepmother.Pour boiling water the grass at the rate of one glass of water a tablespoon of the collection.Let sit for 2 hours, then strain the broth.Within a month, take 2 cups a day of infusion.In inflammatory diseases such as ovarian helps broth supplemented with oregano.

How to use sweet clover?

To prepare tea from clover to use in various diseases, including colds, brew 1-1.5 teaspoons of dried herb to a cup of boiled water.You can drink tea with honey and brew it with mint Mint and its useful properties: aromatic freshness Mint and its useful properties: aromatic freshness , sage Sage - cvyaschennaya Sage - cvyaschennaya grass grass and other herbs.If high blood pressure can drink half a cup of this decoction two to three times a day.

The same decoction can be used externally with festering wounds, burns, tumors, swellings, boils.Good help ointment of sweet clover: thoroughly mix 2 tablespoons of fresh flowers with 2-4 tablespoons of butter.The resulting mixture is heated over a low heat for 5-10 minutes.When it hardens, the ointment can be used.Oil preparations such ointments should not contain salt and any other flavorings.Do not apply ointment on the open wounds.

Donnik has a fairly strong effect, and take it, especially for a long time, is possible only after consultation with your doctor.

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