Tincture of ginger: the use from time immemorial

tincture of ginger In the East, ginger Ginger and most unexpected, but pleasant useful properties Ginger and the most unexpected, but pleasant useful properties considered unbeatable seasoning and cure for all ills.But Western medicine recognizes the healing qualities of ginger and use it in the treatment of certain diseases.Ginger is often adds special warmth drugs that accelerates their effects on the body.And recently we began to actively use ginger for weight loss.

Useful properties of ginger

Ginger has a multifaceted effect on the human body.It improves blood circulation and metabolism, reduce inflammation, has a positive influence on the entire gastro-intestinal tract and liver.

In diseases of the digestive system of ginger is used to improve blood circulation in the area and remove the spasms of smooth muscles, which helps to relieve pain and improve the function of the gastrointestinal tract.Perfectly removes ginger and stagnation in the gallbladder and biliary tract.

most demanded today the property of ginger is its ability to affect the metabolism of fat.Accelerating fat metabolism leading to weight loss, so it is used in obesity, and just for a small weight loss, that is, for the correction Correction figures: options for dealing with overweight Correction figures: options to fight obesity .In addition, it restores the correct metabolism of cholesterol, which is the prevention of atherosclerosis, coronary heart disease and other serious illnesses.

Ginger has a positive effect for colds, particularly viral, as it causes a rush of blood to the upper respiratory tract, and this contributes to a more rapid flow of inflammatoryprocesses.

Finally, ginger - perfect anesthetic, it is good when a headache, teeth, there are a lot of pain along the nerves radiculitis and osteochondrosis, muscular and joint pain.

tincture of ginger and its method of preparation

tincture of ginger - it is the most convenient form of medication.It can be prepared once for the entire course of treatment.In addition, alcohol solutions retained all the medicinal properties of ginger, and convenient to take.

Today tincture of ginger is most often used for weight loss.Cook can be the old way, which has been used in Tibet: ginger root about two hundred grams of weight should be thoroughly washed, cleaned, cut into small pieces and pour the vodka so that it completely covers the root;then cover dish and place in a warm, dry place to infuse;ripening process tinctures occurs within two weeks, at which time the dishes must be periodically (preferably daily) shake;then you need infusion drain and add to it a little honey and lemon juice - this will improve not only the taste, but also healing properties.

In Tibetan medicine tincture of ginger used a teaspoon twice a day, morning and afternoon, half an hour before a meal, as a body cleanser, tonic and restorative means cheerfulness, including impotence Impotence - a female perspective on the problem Impotence - a female perspective on the problem men.It is also used in inflammatory diseases of the upper respiratory tract, diseases of the digestive system.It enhances the effectiveness of ginger liqueur or raspberry syrup made from it.This medicine is especially useful for colds.

infusion of ginger can also be used for gargling in angina.To do this, a teaspoon of tincture diluted in a half glass of water and rinse the throat several times a day.

How to lose weight with the help of tincture of ginger

To this end, ginger tincture taken within a month of a teaspoon in the morning and at lunch.In the evening, the infusion is not recommended as it can cause sleep disturbance Dreams: how to understand our dreams Dreams: how to understand our dreams .After a month of course need to take a break for a month and then repeat the course.

Of course, the use of only one infusion does not cause weight loss, if you do not adhere to basic rules of supply, that is, not to eat fatty meats and fish, and all kinds of sweets and baking.Korma addition, physical activity is also required - only if the power consumption exceeds the intake of possibly losing weight.

But tincture of ginger and diet will help (it reduces the mental desire and appetite for food), and to increase physical activity (tincture tones), so with the infusion of ginger lose weight easier and more enjoyable.For example, if you had not had the strength to go to work on foot, while taking ginger tincture is quite possible to reach even to the gym or do regular jogging outdoors.And there are not very desirable.And if after the walk will appetite, it is quite possible to put out an apple - ginger tincture always help to do it.

ginger tincture - this invention is not of our time, its properties were tested by Tibetan monks for centuries.

Galina Romanenko