Tea for nursing mothers - Fennel

Tea for nursing mothers - Fennel In recent years, the market appeared a lot of different teas to nursing mothers.Usually, they contain more than one component, and more.Almost always one of these components is fennel.Even in ancient times it was observed that fennel is able to stimulate lactation.

What is so useful is contained in fennel

Fennel valued because seeds with a sharp and spicy at the same time, sweet flavor and the same sweet, slightly spicy taste.

This plant with thin delicate leaves, more like twigs and yellow flowers.Once the plant fades, formed clusters of seeds.They are the main value of the plant.They are collected after they become solid.Fennel seeds are small, elongated, brownish-gray.Special, peculiar only fennel smell is caused by the content of essential oil Essential oils and conception: can help roses? Essential oils and conception: can help roses? .Furthermore fennel essential oil contained in fatty oils, vegetable proteins, sugars, vitamins (C, beta-carotene, E, group B).

fennel essential oil contains large amounts of anethole and fenchone (they give the oil a characteristic taste and smell), anisic aldehyde, organic acid (e.g., anise), pinene and some other biologically active substances.

Why nursing mother taking fennel

Almost every woman in the first months after birth periodically decreases the amount of milk, and it is oftenIt causes panic.In fact, nothing wrong with that, a woman could transfer mild stress How to beat stress?Create an oasis How to beat stress? , not sleep, at last, she was just in a bad mood.All this is reflected in lactation.And it does not need to panic, you just need to take action:

  • eat regularly and correctly;
  • drink plenty of fluids - about two liters a day (including the first and third courses);
  • sleep;
  • feed your baby as often as he asks, including at night, the child - it is the main stimulant of lactation;
  • use some food as a stimulant of lactation;These products include: soft cheeses (Adygei, cheese), carrots, sunflower seeds, nuts, spices (ginger, cumin, anise, fennel).

With proper nutrition Proper nutrition - basic precepts of healthy food Proper nutrition - the basic precepts of healthy food , daily routine and feeding every woman must have milk.

How does the body lactating women

Fennel stimulates the secretion of female sex hormones estrogen, which in turn has a direct stimulating effect on the secretion of pituitary prolactin Prolactin - effects on the body are not fully known Prolactin - effect on the body is not fully known -hormone by the action of women whose mammary glands produce milk.On the other hand fennel has a soothing effect on the central nervous system, which also contributes to the normalization of lactation.The expansion of peripheral blood vessels causes a rush of blood to the breast, and the removal of spasm with ductal breast promotes the free flow of milk.Together, this causes increased lactation.

But it's not all positive effects of fennel.Nursing mothers know very well how children suffer first months of life from bloating.And if something is wrong with the digestive my mother, the child just will not know peace.Fennel is able to gently regulate digestion, stimulating the secretion of digestive juices and slightly energizing the motor activity of the intestine.This allows the intestines nursing mother time to get rid of stool (constipation Promotes re absorption of toxic substances from the blood in stool) and from gas, which certainly has a positive effect on the quality of breast milk.

What a nursing mother should eat fennel

Any medications that contain pure fennel hardly fit a nursing mother.The fact that many fennel essential oil, and it has both positive and negative characteristics.Such strong stimulants are not very useful to nursing mothers.

should look at the special soluble teas for nursing mothers known companies that specialize in the production of baby food.The composition of almost all such Fennel tea is present, but not alone, but in combination with other herbal remedies.The combined effects of these combinations on the body of a nursing mother thoroughly tested in the laboratory and clinically tested, so they may well be used as a stimulant of lactation.

Fennel is a member of teas to nursing mothers, as "Tea for nursing mothers" (Humana company, Germany), "Tea for nursing mothers" (firm Babushkino Lukoshko, Russia) Tea "Natal for nursing mothers" (firm hippies, Austria) and others.

Fennel - a wonderful herbal remedy, but because of the presence of a large number of biologically active substances it has a dramatic effect, so nursing mothers should treat it with caution.

Galina Romanenko