Geranium in folk medicine from the indoor flower to nose stork

geranium traditional medicine geranium or cranesbill, flower room, which represented middle-class life of the beginning of XX century.This plant has more than three hundred species found around the world, it is growing even in the tropical mountains.His unusual name was a flower because of the similarity of the fruit with geranium beak crane.In folk medicine the plant is used in neuralgia, otitis, rhinitis, and a whole spectrum of diseases of internal organs.

Botanical plant passport, the use and application of

Geranium in Greek «geranion» or «geranios» means "crane".In the US and the UK plant is called "geranium» (Cranesbill), Germany - "aistinym nose» (Storchschnäbel).The flower of the family belongs to the genus Geranium, only there are more than 300 species growing in Russia only forty.Propagated plant seeds and vegetative, flowering period of twenty to forty days.Most medicinal properties has Geranium sanguineum.

geranium roots contain phenols, buds, flowers and leaves - tannins, carbohydrates, vitamins, flavonoids, essential oils.Apply geranium as an astringent for intestinal disorders, women's diseases, disease, lupus, respiratory infections, rheumatism Rheumatism - possible heart complications Rheumatism - possible heart complications , epilepsy, insomnia.

Traditional methods of treatment

geranium Geranium - a real family doctor, because in so many diseases provides invaluable assistance body healthy without pills.The easiest way to get rid of the common cold - wet wool fresh juice of the leaves of plants in a few minutes periodically to breathe the scent of the bright.Young leaves of indoor flower helps with intestinal disorders and diseases of the kidneys, because they have strong anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties.To get rid of diarrhea, it is enough to wash some fresh sheets and just chew them.

In the event of an attack or a nervous tic intercostal neuralgia young geranium leaves put on a linen cloth and pribintovyvayut herbs to the affected area, the top tie a warm scarf or handkerchief.Change the bandage at the latest every thirty minutes to complete disappearance of pain.This usually occurs within an hour or two.

very effective infusion of geranium in the deposition of salts deposition of salt - a disease of old men? The deposition of salts - a disease of old men? and osteochondrosis.To do this, take twenty grams of flowers and geranium leaves, insist on a water bath Sauna and health: the benefits and harms of bath procedures Sauna and health: the benefits and harms of bath procedures ten or fifteen minutes, cooled, filtered, diluted with water to 200 ml.Take the infusion of two tablespoons 2-3 times a day.

Of geranium flowers are preparing a cosmetic ice: frozen fresh blossoms, filling them with clean water molds for ice.Recommended for wrinkles and refresh the complexion for women forty and older.When a toothache toothache - is not itself held Toothache - by itself will not work enough to put on the cheek of a young leaf geranium.

fresh juice of the plant is used in various diseases of the ears.Often in folk medicine used simple method of treatment: pure geranium leaf rolled up tube and put on a night in a sore ear.Bites of snakes, scorpions and other insects well help infusions, decoctions and preparations geranium.Corns and calluses effectively reduce a poultice of fresh grass plants.

Infusion of flowers geranium is prepared and added to the bath to soften the itching skin diseases, eczema, scabies, ulcers.The infusion of the roots is used internally for cardiovascular diseases, to lower blood pressure.Externally a decoction is used as a lotion on the different types of ulcers, carbuncles, boils and phlegmon, abscesses.

It is interesting

In the old tale of Samuel Marshak (1887-1964) "Cat House" is an interesting dialogue goats "- Listen, you fool, stop eating the host's geranium / - You try, very tasty,like a cabbage leaf chew. "This fun skirmish funny characters reflects the true essence of geranium - flower nature has created not only for beauty, he is good, heals and restores power.

Geranium helps keep pets clean and saves them from ticks.It's enough to lay a piece of sheet plants in the ear cat or dog.If the fur of pets rub fresh juice geranium, it will always shiny and thick.The procedure can be carried out not more than once per quarter.Amazing plant family doctor lives next door to us - and the pain will heal, and bring the beauty of the house.

Jeanne Pyatirikova