The symptoms of yeast infection in women: the problem under control

signs of thrush women Thrush in the world today has reached its peak.Almost no women that once in your life suffering from this disease.The reasons are many.The symptoms of yeast infection in women is well expressed, and therefore the diagnosis, "thrush" is not difficult.The most important thing in the event of the disease as early as possible to begin treatment in order to avoid not only discomfort, but also potential complications.Untreated yeast infection can even lead to infertility.That is why every woman should know and be able to identify signs of thrush.


thrush thrush, or genital candidiasis is an infectious disease of the vaginal mucosa, which is often applied to the cervix and vulva.Genital candidiasis etiological factors are fungi of the genus Candida.Thrush mainly affects women of reproductive age, but may develop the disease in postmenopausal, adolescence and even in childhood periods.There are three forms of infection by fungi:

  • acute candidiasis;
  • kandidonositelstvo;
  • chronic candidiasis.

predispose thrush

development of genital candidiasis contribute to changes in the body that reduce its defenses.It may be chronic gynecological and somatic diseases, the passage of radiation and chemotherapy, and various hormonal disorders Hormonal disorders - oversupply and a lack of equally dangerous Hormonal disorders - oversupply and a lack of equally dangerous .Also contributes to the appearance of thrush taking oral hormonal contraceptives, long-term treatment with antibiotics and cytotoxic drugs, endocrine pathology (diabetes).In addition, genital candidiasis often develops on the background of dysbiosis vagina dysbacteriosis vagina - how to fight? Dysbacteriosis vagina - how to fight? and infections, sexually transmitted diseases (gonorrhea, chlamydia, ureaplasmosis).


Clinical manifestations of yeast infections in women yeast infections in women - the relevance of the problem Thrush in women - the relevance of the problem mostly limited to complaints on the allocation and itching.Beli may be liquid and heavy with a mixture of cheesy crumbs.Selections can also be thick, greasy and greenish-white in color.Smell cables Beli: abnormal discharge Beli: abnormal discharge with urogenital candidiasis sour and unpleasant.

Another symptom of a yeast infection is genital itching, which is especially pronounced in lesions of the vulva.Itching can be permanent and only disturb the afternoon, evening and night.Itching worse after a long walk, after water treatment, sexual intercourse during menstruation.Itching and burning during urination can cause urinary retention and urinary tract infection.Intense itching insomnia leads to development, and as a result, disorder of the nervous system.

characteristic feature of genital candidiasis raids are grayish-white color on the mucosa of the vagina and cervix.The attacks may be in the form of dots or somewhat larger (3 - 5 mm) have a rounded or irregular shape.It is noted hyperemia (redness) of the mucous membrane and its swelling.In the acute stage of the disease attacks removed with difficulty, and after removing them reveals much flushed shell.In the chronic stage raids removed easily.In marked course of the disease, such changes are observed in large and small labia, around the urethra.

kandidonositelstvo usually asymptomatic.

erased form of the disease from the outset occur without obvious symptoms: Irregular and non-intensive itching neobilnye selection.Sometimes the yeast within a long, continuing months and even years.Exacerbations often occur during menstruation or the development of any disease.Treating Thrush does not always lead to consistent results relapses.


diagnosis of genital candidiasis is not difficult.Recognition of the disease contribute to the clinical signs (itching, discharge, specific attacks), examination of the external genitalia, vaginal mucosa and cervix using mirrors and colposcopy.The most important point in the diagnosis of the disease is a microscopic examination of raids in which mushrooms are found.

Anna Sozinova