'Spider veins' pregnancy: Common signs

spider veins during pregnancy During pregnancy a woman's body all systems and organs are changing the pace of work, which is due to hormonal changes.Accordingly, beginning to appear the first signs of pregnancy first signs of pregnancy to delay: Eyes on intuition? The first signs of pregnancy to delay: Eyes on intuition? , which can be seen after a delay menstruation.It is no secret that there were earlier signs that the nascent life before the advent of the two coveted strips during a pregnancy test.And it is very few people familiar with the peculiar symptoms of pregnancy, which is often called folk.These symptoms often lead people women confused and even frightened them.Suffice it known early sign of pregnancy Early signs of pregnancy: to believe or not to believe? Early signs of pregnancy: to believe or not to believe? is the appearance of "spider veins".

«Spider veins" during pregnancy

Folk signs of pregnancy, as it is official, begin to appear before a delay monthly month delay - when to sound the alarm? Delayed menstruation - when to sound the alarm? .Of course, they can not confidently be called evidence ensuing pregnancy, but they have a right to exist.One of the indirect signs of pregnancy are considered "spider veins".

«Spider veins" or spider hemangiomas (telangiectasia) is a cluster of enlarged and dilated small blood vessels.Such vessels are usually diverge from one point in the form of stars or spiders' legs.The appearance of "spider veins" due to hormonal changes that occur during pregnancy, in particular the enhanced production of pregnancy hormone - progesterone.During childbearing breasts undergo changes and prepared for the future of lactation.The growth of the mammary glands, "blame" the hormones of pregnancy.Due to the proliferation of estrogen occurs ducts and progesterone Progesterone - norm and pathology Progesterone - norm and pathology increases the amount of glandular tissue, and thus the expansion and increased microvessel.In addition, to provoke the emergence of "spider veins" could long stay in the sun or in a hot wet areas (sauna).As a rule, telangiectasia during pregnancy localized in the chest, shoulders, and / face.The most characteristic appearance of spider hemangiomas in the chest.The appearance of telangiectasia associated with the redistribution of the blood by increasing the blood flow in the breast.Sami "stars" do not cause pain, and only represent some cosmetic defect.Afraid the appearance of "spider veins" is not worth it, after giving birth, they disappear on their own and without a trace.

emergence of telangiectasias accompanied by a change of color and shape of nipples.Nipples become bigger, and areola area is dark brown, which is also due to the influence of progesterone.The pain and breast tenderness are also early signs of pregnancy, but breast tenderness is not related to the appearance of "spider veins".

If the "spider veins" did not disappear after delivery

In very rare cases, telangiectasias on the chest, shoulders, and face nodisappeared after birth.Sure, it gives a woman great discomfort.And yet, get rid of them is quite real:

Sclerotherapy Sclerotherapy - this medical procedures in which the venous grid very fine needle is introduced a special sclerosing solution.This solution irritate the inner walls of blood vessels, leading to their coalescence.After two or three weeks at the site of the scar solution formed, which eventually disappears.The number of procedures varies, depending on the severity of telangiectasia.Side effects during sclerotherapy are rare, but quite possible (bruising, swelling, brown spots and sores).

  • Laser

most successful method in the fight against "spider veins" is the laser treatment.The laser collapse the small blood vessels, and surface damage of the skin is observed.In some cases, require repeated treatments.Laser therapy is painless and safe.In some cases, it may cause burns (as a complication of treatment).The advantages of laser treatment is the lack of bruising, swelling and bruising.

Anna Sozinova