Stress during pregnancy when emotions prevail over reason

Stress during pregnancy Pregnancy - is not only the happiest time in a woman's life, but also a time filled to overflowing emotions and anxieties.It is during pregnancy, women are more likely to experience stress.This is due to hormonal changes that occur in the body, as well as quite natural feelings for the health of the unborn child and childbirth.No wonder around a pregnant woman around trying to create a favorable and tranquil atmosphere, knowing that any excitement can lead to stress.Adverse reactions experienced by the expectant mother can not help but reflect on the state and development of the child.The kid is in a constant physical and emotional contact with his mother, and, accordingly, is experiencing the same problems as it is.

What is stress

Stress - is a natural physiological reaction of the organism to a stimulus.Stress refers to the protective reactions and allows a person to cope with difficult situations and to adapt to the changing conditions of life.For pregnant stress, however, and in some way, and more important, in fact it helps women to tune in to the process of carrying a child, childbirth and protects from external negative factors.A pregnant woman is protected from the cruel world of love to the child and care for him.But not always stress is, so to speak, a positive color.When long-acting stress depleted defense mechanisms that lead to destructive processes (exhaustion).

Stressful stimuli

Stressful stimuli, they are also sources of stress or stressors, conventionally divided into two groups: physical and psychological.The direct effects on the body have physical stressors such as: cold, hunger, heat, lack of sleep, excessive exercise.Psychological factors lead to emotional stress.These include: the betrayal of a loved one, resentment, deceit, betrayal, conflict at work and in the family, the death of loved ones and many more.Stressful stimulus is not the event itself, and human attitude.Therefore, out of a stressful situation it depends largely on himself.

Stressful stimuli during pregnancy

In addition to these sources of stress in pregnant women have their "own", additional stressors.These include:

  • fear of losing attractiveness

Many women think that being in the family way, they lose their attractiveness and sexuality Nine ways to feel their sexuality Nine ways to experience their sexuality for her husband.Rounded belly, gain extra kilos and so gives them trouble.But it is necessary to look at the situation differently.Many men, on the contrary, attracts feminine spouses appeared during pregnancy.

  • fear for the child

«Horrors," says friends, neighbors or co-workers about the various malformations in unborn children are forced to experience the future mother of his unborn child.Do not pay attention to such stories, it is enough to visit a doctor and undergo the necessary tests in which it turns out the baby is healthy or not.

  • Fear upcoming birth

upcoming generations are perhaps the most powerful stress stimulus, no matter they are the first or the fifth.To get rid of the fear of childbirth, enough to share with loved ones anxieties, doctor husband.The more words spoken out loud about the problem, the less terrible it seems.

How to deal with stress

stress How to beat stress?Create an oasis How to beat stress? can and must be fought.To eliminate the negative effects of stress enough to follow a few simple rules:

  • Community

Communication with loved ones throw allows negative emotions and anxiety.In turn, the family, husband or friend will provide psychological support and tune in to a positive outlook on life.

  • Communion with nature

Walking in parks and gardens, privacy and a river or lake, contemplating the sky, sunsets and sunrises will distract from the disturbing thoughts and regain composure.

  • Exercise

Any physical exercise (gymnastics, swimming, dancing) redirect the thinking and improve blood flow to the placenta and uterus.

  • Relaxation

for all the good relaxation techniques.This may be breathing exercises, auto-training Auditory training - you start to think positively? Auditory training - you start to think positively? , relaxing music, aromatherapy and much more.

  • Sleep

full and adequate sleep Dreams: how to understand our dreams Dreams: how to understand our dreams returns not only physical strength, but also restores peace of mind.

Anna Sozinova