How to get better during pregnancy: normal weight gain

it does not get better during pregnancy Pregnancy - is a special time in a woman's life, which is inherent in a lot of new issues and concerns.One of the headaches of the future mother - is a matter of "how not to get better during pregnancy?".Relatives and friends try and stuffed pregnant different and very tasty calories, citing its concern that the woman in the family way should eat for two.Sure, the body's need for calories significantly increase during pregnancy, but they are not doubled.

The average pregnant woman should add ten to twelve kilograms, not twenty or thirty.Excessive weight gain during pregnancy can affect not only the health of the mother, but also on the child.Women who recover strongly during carrying a child increases the risk of diabetes mellitus - threatening and incurable disease Diabetes - threatening and incurable disease and hypertension, the birth of a large (more than four kg), and even a giant (more than five kilograms) of the fetus.Accordingly, the problems in the labor will be provided (anomaly tribal forces, perineal tears and trauma of the fetus).

Proper nutrition

adhere to the principles of proper nutrition Proper nutrition - basic precepts of healthy food Proper nutrition - the basic precepts of healthy food would do well to all people, and even pregnant women it is necessary.The first step is to abandon the high-calorie foods.Sweet pastries, cakes with cream, fatty and fried - a meal is not pregnant, the more benefits from it is minimal.The diet of the future mother should include foods such as lean meat and poultry (turkey, chicken), fish is rich in phosphorus and calcium, rabbit meat.Useful porridge: oatmeal, buckwheat, millet.Daily menu pregnant must be present dairy products: milk, yogurt, cheese, and eggs.They are a source of calcium, which is so necessary for the formation of the baby skeleton and teeth.Chocolate, strong tea and coffee can cause not only an overabundance of caffeine, which affects the development of the fetus and is the cause of birth defects, but also will add extra kilos pregnant.Sweets and pastries is replaced with dried fruits and nuts.Expectant mother should also not forget about fresh fruits and vegetables, which are a source of vitamins.Of course, the appetite during pregnancy greatly increases, there is an overwhelming desire to always something to eat.To cope with this problem, it is recommended to divide the daily food intake into five or six parts.There should be little and often.Excessive weight gain is useful to observe the fasting days, but not more often than once every seven - ten days and only after consulting your doctor.Examples of fasting days:

  • apple (1.5-2 kg of green apples divided into five or six receptions and there during the day);
  • cheese (600-700 gr. Of cottage cheese with low-fat yogurt to fill Yogurt: benefits and harms drink centenarians Yogurt: benefits and harms drink centenarians , you can add a little sugar, also divided into five or six doses).

little bit about fluid

pregnant woman should consume daily at least two liters of liquid.This is due to stagnation of urine in the kidneys due to compression of the ureter enlarged uterus, as well as the needs of the fetus (amniotic fluid - the baby habitat must be constantly updated).The main drink for pregnant women are unsweetened green tea, cranberry and cranberry fruit drinks, broth hips, still water.In addition, berry fruit drinks and compotes contains vitamin C, which is important for pregnant women, and also stimulates the immune system.

One reason for excessive weight gain are swelling occurring in the second and third trimester.The appearance of edema defined simply: a wedding ring is not removed or is removed with difficulty, especially in the morning.In this case, you must move the main fluid intake in the first half of the day, and limit their intake of salty foods and most salt.Also it is necessary to monitor the daily urine output (control drunk and allocated liquid) and keep a daily log to show the doctor.

Remember to exercise

Pregnancy - is not an illness and an aimless lying on the couch and doing nothing does not justify future mother.Exercise during pregnancy will not only help to quickly restore their weight after giving birth, but also make it easier for a period of childbearing and childbirth.

pregnant useful to make daily trips within one and a half hours in the park, or in the park (ideal - in the countryside), to exercise Myths about exercise: do not believe Myths about exercise: do not believe for pregnant women, swimming and easterndancing.

Anna Sozinova