Valtrex and pregnancy - Reception strictly on the evidence

Valtrex pregnancy Valtrex - an antiviral drug that is converted in the body to acyclovir.Acyclovir is also used during pregnancy to treat herpes cytomegalovirus infections.As for Valtrex, the experience of the drug in pregnant women is insufficient.

In some cases, pregnant women are prescribed Valtrex

Antiviral drugs used during pregnancy to treat herpes and cytomegalovirus infections.Both of these infections can produce severe complications from the fetus.But it is not always.The decision to treat or not to treat this pregnant woman and how a drug takes only a doctor.

Herpetic infection (genital herpes caused by herpes simplex virus Herpes simplex - actually not so simple Herpes simplex - in fact, not so simple type 2) is dangerous mainly for primary infection is during pregnancy.In primary infection in women do not have time to develop protective antibodies to the virus, and it can penetrate through the placenta to the fetus, causing fetal infection.Such complications are not always - the placenta protects the fetus from infection, however, with the primary infection and the risk is such women appointed antiviral therapy.

In some cases, the marked decrease in immunity Immunity - the types and characteristics of children in adult Immunity - types and characteristics in children in adults women suffering from genital herpes during pregnancy develop frequent relapses of the disease - it can also serve as a pretext for the appointment of antiviral drugs.

happens so that intrauterine infection is not present, but the baby is infected during childbirth, so women suffering from genital herpes, and if carefully examined toend of pregnancy on the surface of the mucous membranes of the genital herpes virus is detected, delivery is carried out by Caesarean section.

Cytomegalovirus infection is caused by cytomegalovirus (CMV), which is a type of herpes virus.The disease most women have no symptoms and are not aware of the disease.A feature of CMV is that it can easily pass through the placenta, causing intrauterine infection of the fetus, so women who have in the survey was found cytomegalovirus infection, often being treated.It is dangerous not only to primary CMV infection, but infection and long flowing as during pregnancy decreases the immunity and the virus is activated.

Valtrex and its effects on the body of a pregnant woman.

Valtrex has antiviral effect, acting directly on the virus.The mechanism of action of this drug is associated with the fact that it decomposes at body metabolites (metabolic products), one of which is acyclovir.The resulting inactive acyclovir under the action of enzymes secreted by virus, is transformed into the active acyclovir.The latter of which is embedded in the DNA of the virus and stop its reproduction.Unlike drug acyclovir Valtrex operates more efficiently.

effect of acyclovir on the body of the pregnant women studied and proven in numerous clinical conditions.It has no negative impact on the body of the pregnant woman and the fetus.Including it has no teratogenicity (congenital malformations) and embryotoxic effects on the fetus.Therefore, acyclovir Acyclovir - as it is safe? Acyclovir - as it is safe? is the most commonly used drug in pregnant women suffering from genital herpes and cytomegalovirus infection.

As for Valtrex, the laboratory studies in animals have not revealed its teratogenic and embryotoxic effects on the fetus, however, clinical trials of the drug in pregnant women were not conducted.Valtrex in some cases assigned during pregnancy, but the experience of the appointment of this group of patients there.Therefore, it is administered only if the expected benefit to the mother's body than the potential harm to the fetus.

When a pregnant woman is shown

Valtrex Valtrex treatment appointed in the case of a woman during pregnancy for the first time contracted genital herpes.In this case, too great a risk of intrauterine infection, therefore appointed a course of antiviral treatment.If used during pregnancy develop frequent recurrences of herpes flowing long, sometimes also prescribe a course of treatment Valtrex.

When CMV woman being treated in any way, because during pregnancy there is activation of the virus causing the disease.The course of treatment Valtrex usually lasts five days.

Valtrex may produce side effects.However, pregnant women are not assigned to large doses of the drug and the duration of its courses, so side effects are usually minimized.It nausea, vomiting, headache, dizziness Dizziness - if the ground is slipping from under his feet Dizziness - if the ground is slipping from under his feet and allergic reactions.When any side effects a woman should immediately report them to your doctor, who will decide whether to continue treatment.

Galina Romanenko