Panangin during pregnancy - can be taken only on prescription

Pananginum during pregnancy Pregnancy - is a very difficult state, under the influence of hormones are changing all the biochemical parameters, the work of all cells, tissues, organs and systems.That is why it is difficult to predict how a particular drug will act on the body of the mother and child.

Panangin in early pregnancy toxemia

panangina The composition includes potassium and magnesium salts.Magnesium and potassium ions are mainly intracellularly, whereas sodium ions - in the extracellular space.It creates a so-called potassium - sodium pump which maintains osmotic pressure in the cell.When dehydration that can occur in the first trimester of pregnancy as a result of early toxicity, the ratio between potassium and sodium is broken.Initially, the body loses sodium, with a stronger dehydration and potassium is lost, and with a very strong dehydration of the potassium concentration in the blood can increase due to blood clots.

To understand at what stage of dehydration is difficult to find this woman.Therefore Pananginum in early pregnancy toxicosis may designate only female physician consultation, otherwise it is possible the development of hyperkalemia - high content of potassium in the blood.

Hyperkalemia - is a serious, sometimes life-threatening condition.Symptoms of hyperkalemia are weakness, drowsiness, pain in the muscles of the arms, legs, stomach, tongue, confusion.Develop paresis, paralysis of skeletal and smooth muscle (eg, smooth muscle paresis of the bowel), can dramatically decrease blood pressure Blood pressure - dangerous if his swing? Blood pressure - dangerous if his swing? , bradycardia appear bradycardia - when the heart stops Bradycardia - when the heart stops (rare heart rate), resulting in some cases there is a cardiac arrest.To restore the electrolyte balance generally administered with solutions of sodium and calcium salts which are antagonists of potassium.

Panangin heart failure in pregnant

Chronic heart failure suggests that the heart muscle (myocardium) does not copewith its function, it is reduced too weak to maintain normal blood circulation in the circulatory system.In this case, the heart compensates for the lack of power cuts by increasing their frequencies.But it can not help in this case, in the circulatory system congestion occurs, fluid exudate from the blood vessels, and edema formation.

for pregnant women is a dangerous condition because the load on the heart is constantly growing.In this case, to improve myocardial prescriber - cardiac glycosides.In order to reduce their toxicity while simultaneously administered potassium supplements, eg Pananginum.

Panangin during cardiac arrhythmias in pregnant

Cardiac arrhythmias in pregnant women do not always talk about some diseases of the heart.Often it is associated with disorders of the autonomic nervous system and they do not always need to be treated.But there are abnormal heart rhythms that are sure to be treated.In order to understand whether a pregnant woman therapy therapist prenatal directs it to the survey.Already on the ECG can see major changes and to determine the diagnosis and treatment.If the diagnosis is in doubt at the therapist, he sends a woman to a cardiologist.

Preliminary survey of women is very important, since many drugs for the treatment of cardiac arrhythmias are teratogenic (causing malformations) or embryotoxic (have toxic effects on the fetus) action, especially in the first trimester of pregnancy.Therefore, prior to treatment of cardiac arrhythmias in pregnant women need to weigh the risk of such treatment for the health of mother and fetus as compared with the risk of the disease.

if necessary in such cases assigned comprehensive treatment, including Pananginum as a secondary drug.

Panangin coronary heart disease in pregnant

Coronary heart disease Heart disease and heart attacks: that every woman should know Heart disease and heart attacks: that every woman should know with angina Angina: When the heart needs help Angina: When the heart needs help alsoIt may be the reason the appointment panangina during pregnancy.In this case, under the influence of the potassium ions and magnesium small arteries dilate, which contributes to better flow of blood to the myocardium.This reduces the number and severity of angina attacks.

But in this case, a pregnant woman can take Pananginum only on prescription.The instructions state that any adverse effect panangina on the mother and child have been identified, however, the effects of exposure on the body of the pregnant woman any drug is difficult to predict.

Galina Romanenko