Symptoms of multiple pregnancy - the load to the mother or reusable happiness

signs of multiple pregnancy Multiple pregnancy - a pregnancy with more than one fetus (twins, triplets, etc.).Being a relatively rare occurrence, multiple pregnancy is accompanied by a number of features that define it can easily enough.

Ultrasound confirmation

only way to know for certain about a multiple pregnancy.Submit multiple pregnancy ultrasound can help in the early stages of pregnancy - about four-fifth week.


Another method of diagnosing multiple pregnancies - Doppler, a special procedure that allows, among other things, define the sound of the fetal heart.Usually, this procedure is performed at the end of the first trimester of pregnancy and reveals two (or more) of the heartbeat.Doppler can not be considered completely accurate method of diagnosis.

Elevated levels of human chorionic gonadotropin

chorionic gonadotropin - a hormone produced in the body during pregnancy.When multiple pregnancy levels of this hormone significantly higher than normal.However, elevated levels of human chorionic gonadotropin is not necessarily indicative of multiple pregnancies - can cause above normal variety of factors (including the serious complications of pregnancy).

Abnormal test results for alpha-fetoprotein

Alpha-fetoprotein - a glycoprotein which is formed during development of the embryo and fetus.Assay for alpha-fetoprotein is performed in the second trimester of pregnancy and is used in particular to determine certain birth defects.Deviations from the normal test results may indicate a multiple pregnancy.

height of standing uterus

height of standing uterus - the value of the uterus, as measured during pregnancy and helps determine gestational age (gestational age).Multiple pregnancy causes more stretching of the uterus, and as a result, increasing the height of standing uterus.If this figure does not correspond to the normal height of standing uterus for a certain period, you can assume multiple pregnancy.

body weight

Weight gain during pregnancy - an absolutely natural process, which could affect tens of very different factors: the amount of weight a woman gains during pregnancy depends on its growth, build, normal weightbefore pregnancy.When multiple pregnancy body mass increases by an average of four kilograms compared with a singleton pregnancy.


Nausea in the morning, or so-called toxemia of pregnancy - it is a widespread phenomenon, faced about half of pregnant women.Multiple pregnancy may aggravate morning sickness, but it happens not always.

Early or frequent fetal movement

any reliable indication of multiple pregnancy early onset fetal movements or frequent movement can not be considered - but in some cases, during pregnancy double or triple the first movements of the fetus can be felt much earlier than usual.It is important to remember that when you re early pregnancy fetal movement is much more likely than in the first pregnancy.

severe fatigue

course, constant and strong feeling of tiredness in pregnancy - is not a reason to suspect multiple pregnancy: stress How to beat stress?Create an oasis How to beat stress? , physical activity, emotional stress and changes that occur in the body during pregnancy, making fatigue quite natural for every pregnant woman.However, severe fatigue in multiple pregnancies is almost guaranteed, because pregnancy with twins or triplets - are, respectively, a double or even triple the load to the body of the mother.