Weight gain during pregnancy - a healthy gain or surplus

weight gain during pregnancy number dialed during pregnancy weight depends on many different factors - diet, physical activity, weight before pregnancy.Experts believe that women with normal weight before pregnancy (with a body mass index up to twenty-five) for the entire period of pregnancy can dial eleven to fifteen kilograms.

If pre-pregnancy weight was below normal women (body mass index less than eighteen and a half), then for optimal pregnancy weight gain is twelve to twenty kilograms, depending on the height, physique and health status of women.If pre-pregnancy weight, on the contrary, higher than normal (BMI twenty-five - twenty-nine) in the period of pregnancy, women need to watch my weight a little more - in this case, the optimal weight gain is considered to be a seven-eleven kilograms.

«healthy» weight gain during pregnancy is absolutely natural and even necessary for the normal health of the mother and child.However, it is not necessary to believe that it is necessary to use without restrictions harmful high-calorie fatty foods, to get closer to the "normal" performance - individual deviations from the norm are quite natural.It is very important a balanced, proper diet Proper nutrition - basic precepts of healthy food Proper nutrition - the basic precepts of healthy food , and limit yourself in calories is not necessary.Moreover, according to the recommendations of gynecologists and pediatricians, during pregnancy a woman of normal weight, exercise pays Myths about exercise: do not believe Myths about exercise: do not believe least thirty minutes a week in the first trimester should be consumed daily eighteen hundred calories insecond trimester - two thousand two hundred calories in the third trimester - two thousand four hundred calories.The sources of calories should serve whole-grain and dairy products, proteins, fruits, vegetables, healthy fats and oils.


What determines weight gain

  • Three and a half kilograms on average weighs child at the end of pregnancy
  • approximately seven hundred grams - the weight of the placenta
  • half to two kilograms of body weight is due to increased volume of liquid
  • Ninegrams - kilograms - the weight of the uterus
  • more kilograms - the total weight of the breast
  • half to two kilograms - an increase in the total volume of blood
  • three kilograms - reserves of fat, protein and other nutrients necessary for normal development of the child during pregnancy
  • One kilogram - amniotic fluid (amniotic fluid)

Thus, twelve or thirteen kilos accumulated during pregnancy - it is natural and even necessary weight gain.

rate of weight gain in the first place depends on the duration of pregnancy.During the first trimester of a woman with a normal prenatal weight gain an average of one to two kilograms.In the second and third trimester each week increases the weight by five hundred grams - kilogram.