How to get rid of heartburn during pregnancy - have a glass of milk with honey

how to get rid of heartburn during pregnancy Heartburn - unpleasant and sometimes even painful, burning sensation in the chest caused by digestive disorders.During pregnancy heartburn occurs very often.According to statistics, about fifty percent of pregnant women complain of occasional bouts of heartburn during pregnancy.

Causes Heartburn - a direct consequence of the penetration of gastric acid into the esophagus: acid, which is contained in the gastric juice, and plays an important role in the digestion of food, irritating the mucous membrane of the esophagus, causing a burning sensation characteristic appears.During pregnancy, the frequency of attacks of heartburn due, first of all, hormonal changes: increased levels of the hormone progesterone Progesterone - norm and pathology Progesterone - norm and pathology causes some changes in the gastrointestinal tract, resulting in acid gastric juice easily penetrates into the esophagus, irritatingmucous.

In addition, heartburn and digestive disorders most often observed in the latter, the third trimester of pregnancy due to the fact that the increasing in size of the uterus puts additional pressure on the intestines and stomach.This pressure can cause penetration of gastric acid into the esophagus.


best treatment - is prevention, and heartburn during pregnancy - is no exception.To prevent possible attacks of heartburn, adhering to the following rules:

  • Eat less, but more often - for example, five or six small meals throughout the day to successfully replace the three large portions.The lower the content of the stomach, the easier and quicker to digest food, and the lower the risk of penetration of the gastric juice into the esophagus
  • Do not go immediately after a meal - a horizontal position facilitates the penetration of gastric acid into the esophagus
  • Limit consumption of spicy, spicy, fatty foods,which can irritate the stomach wall

quickly relieve the typical symptoms of heartburn help:

  • serving of yogurt or a glass of milk
  • glass of warm milk with a dining areaa spoonful of honey

Normally for quick and effective suppression of the symptoms of heartburn Heartburn - no cause for concern? Heartburn - no cause for concern? use special drugs - antacids that neutralize the hydrochloric acid, which is part of the gastric juice.During pregnancy, self-treat heartburn antacids is not recommended - you must first consult with a physician or pharmacist.If attacks of intense and frequent heartburn, your doctor may recommend a more effective and powerful tools for the prevention and suppression of acid reflux, which is safe to take during pregnancy.