Smecta during pregnancy - taken with caution

smectite pregnancy Smecta is not contraindicated during pregnancy.But all pregnant women should still take any medication prescribed by a doctor.This feature requires their condition under which any medication can bring both benefit and harm.

Features of the gastrointestinal tract of a pregnant woman

During pregnancy, the female sex hormone progesterone is Progesterone - norm and pathology Progesterone - norm and pathology , whose task is to support the suppression of pregnancy and the contraction of smooth muscles of the uterus.If progesterone is produced is not enough, it can lead to the termination of pregnancy as a premature miscarriage Miscarriage - whether it can be insured? Miscarriage - can you protect yourself from it? or premature birth.

But the smooth muscles of the pelvic organs and the abdominal cavity is innervated by a single autonomic nervous system nerve fibers that go into the composition of the spinal nerves and then to depart in the form of branches to different bodies.Under these conditions, the suppression of the motor activity of the smooth muscle of one body (e.g., cancer) necessarily lead to the fact that it is broken and in other organs (i.e. organs of the gastrointestinal tract).

In practice, almost every pregnant woman feels the effect of progesterone on the gastrointestinal tract.Suppressing his motor activity often leads to the formation of chronic constipation, and on their background to even more unpleasant phenomenon - to hemorrhoids.

make independent laxatives pregnant is strictly prohibited for the same reason: they strengthen the muscles of the intestinal motor activity, and therefore the uterus,threatening miscarriage Miscarriage - why you lose the most precious thing? Miscarriage - why you lose the most precious thing? .

But except for constipation in pregnant women often have symptoms such as heartburn, bloating and intestinal cramps, leading some women to make their own smektu.Sometimes women, knowing that Smecta Smecta - necessary in any medicine cabinet Smecta - necessary in any medicine cabinet cleanses the body of toxins, take smektu and nausea, which are characteristic of early pregnancy toxemia, as well as in some other states.So is it worth doing?

when pregnant women can receive smektu

As in all other cases, during pregnancy smectite bowels of superfluous substances decay products of food, pathogenic bacteria and their toxins, viruses, toxic metabolic products, etc..Simultaneously, it will restore the protective properties of the mucosa of the gastrointestinal tract.But smectite moves slowly through the intestines, adsorbed on the surface slag, therefore may contribute to constipation.The smectite blood is not absorbed, away unchanged through the intestines.

If a woman does not have constipation (and this also happens), it can sometimes take their own gumption that will clear the intestine absorbs gases and relieve intestinal colic.But often without a doctor's prescription to take smektu is not necessary - it can lead to the development of dysbiosis, as smectite displays not only harmful bacteria but also beneficial to help digestion.

Sometimes an obstetrician-gynecologist, after weighing all the pros and cons smektu appoint a course of treatment for a week, and then prescribes treatment helps to restore normal intestinal microflora.Most of these treatments prescribed for chronic infectious and inflammatory and allergic diseases in pregnant women, sometimes during toxicosis.Assign smektu pregnant women and for poisoning, intestinal infections, especially if they are accompanied by loose stools.

When it is not necessary to take smektu

It should not be done if a woman has a tendency to constipation.Smectic further enhance constipation, and in the second half of pregnancy, when the bowel is squeezed still large uterus can lead to intestinal obstruction.

especially careful to receive smekty be suitable for women who suffer from hemorrhoids.

Hemorrhoids in this case develops against the background of chronic constipation that lead to a stagnation of blood in the veins in the rectal area.Even greater constipation caused smectite can contribute to the development of blood clots in the veins, and this is very dangerous during pregnancy.

How to take a powder

Smecta is available as a powder in bags of 3 g To take smectite powder should be turned into a suspension.To this end, gradually pour the powder in 100 ml water, stirring slowly.The result should be a uniform suspension.

Since almost always smectite appointed as part of a treatment of a condition or disease, you must comply with a break between taking smekty and other medicines at least one hour.

Smecta, like any other drug during pregnancy should be administered by your doctor.

Galina Romanenko