7 tips on how to get pregnant faster

how to get pregnant faster What is and what not to do to increase the likelihood of pregnancy.Are you ready for pregnancy and you want it to happen immediately.And although not all in this matter can be controlled, there are some tips that can increase the likelihood of pregnancy.

Take a survey for parents

Before you start trying to get pregnant for a complete examination.After consulting with the doctor, start to take special vitamins for pregnant prenatal vitamins - the validity of the appointment Vitamins for pregnant women - the validity of the appointment , containing folic acid (its lack of increases the likelihood of fetal abnormality).Start taking vitamins for a month prior to the attempt conception.If you have any medical conditions, before trying to get pregnant, cure them or try to control.

Just know your cycle

most appropriate time for conception is ovulating.You can determine ovulation by the changing nature of discharge (watery mucous discharge), and you can feel a twinge on one side.There are also tests to determine ovulation, which will prompt you when chances of conception are highest.You can try to calculate ovulation Ovulation - How to determine as accurately as possible? Ovulation - How to determine as accurately as possible? .When a cycle of 28 days is most likely ovulate on the 14th day.

If you have used contraceptives should after their withdrawal to wait for some time to the menstrual cycle was adjusted.

not worry about sexual positions

There are many myths about the best positions for conception, but it's just a myth.There is no scientific evidence that some positions better than others for conception.The only reasonable grain in these reflections - if a woman is sitting or standing during intercourse, the seed may simply run out by gravity, rather than get into the cervix.

After intercourse necessary to lay down

You may have heard this advice - after sex lie on the bed and lift your feet?Scientists believe that the board lie ten or fifteen minutes is reasonable, but not necessarily to raise the legs.This rest period increases the likelihood of getting the sperm into the cervix.

not overdo

If you constantly have sex even during ovulation, it does not increase the chances of conception.The fact that the sperm quality may be affected when too frequent ejaculation.The recommended frequency of sex for conception - every two days during ovulation.Sperm remain active for up to 72 hours after intercourse.

also on the quality of the sperm can affect: wearing too tight clothing, hot tubs and even carrying a cell phone in the front pocket of his pants.Also, men should not be abused soy products, they reduce the concentration of spermatozoa.

relieves stress

by themselves trying to get pregnant can cause stress, and stress disrupts ovulation in women and reduces the potency in men.Therefore, use any pleasant ways to relax.Excessive use of alcohol, of course, should not be, but one glass of wine will not hurt.Reducing stress levels How to beat stress?Create an oasis How to beat stress? , you increase the chance of getting pregnant.

Maintain a healthy lifestyle

Exercise is undeniably beneficial to health.However, if your load is excessive, it can disrupt the menstrual cycle and prevent ovulation.Of course, individual performance, but on average, it can be considered a reasonable limit of 45 minutes, if you do every day.Instead, resistance training is moderately better deal by using aerobic exercise.

watch your diet.There are too full of women like too thin may be difficulty conceiving.

Quit smoking to increase the likelihood of becoming pregnant.Besides all the known negative effects of smoking affects the level of estrogen Estrogen - a pledge of healthy bones Estrogen - the key to bone health and ovulation.

pregnancy occurs in 85% of women within a year of trying.If you do not occur during the year, see a doctor and go through screening for infertility.For women over 35, such an examination is recommended after six months of unsuccessful attempts to conceive.