Discharges during pregnancy and vaginal infections: the attention and control

isolation during pregnancy vaginal infections Vaginal discharge in pregnant women - completely normal, because hormonal changes stimulate the vaginal secretion, so the slight increase in the number of discharges should not cause concern.But if the selection is so abundant that we have to use panty liners, accompanied by itching and burning and cause severe discomfort, you should consult your doctor.


This is the most common cause of vaginal irritation and vaginal discharge in pregnant women.Thrush is caused by the fungus Candida albicans, so it is also called "Candida."The occurrence of thrush in pregnancy is due to physiological changes in the microflora of the vagina.In the body of a pregnant woman increases the level of female hormones that stimulates the creation of favorable conditions for the development of thrush.The main symptoms of yeast infection in pregnant women is genital itching and white cheesy discharge with a sharp sour smell.While studies show that the yeast does not bear harm the unborn child and its mother, but it is still an unfavorable factor that must be addressed.Fortunately, treatments for yeast infection in pregnant women a lot, in particular, Nystatin Nystatin - help with candidiasis Nystatin - help with candidiasis and pimafutsin Pimafucin - help in difficult times Pimafucin - help in difficult times .Pimafucin - antifungal medication recommended for pregnant and lactating women.It is sufficiently effective and non-toxic even at high doses.Local treatment (suppositories, vaginal tablets and creams) is combined with the system, and during pregnancy is preferred.In addition to specific antifungal drugs for the treatment of thrush is often used antiseptic and anti-inflammatory agents.It is believed that carriers candidiasis are both men and women, and the infection can be transmitted sexually, so the period of treatment should refrain from sexual intercourse.

Trichomoniasis Trichomoniasis (or trichomoniasis) - one of the most common diseases, sexually transmitted diseases.Its pathogen - Trichomonas vaginalis.Development of the disease contribute to various diseases and other genital organs, accompanied by metabolic disorders, reduced immunity, hormonal disorders, vaginal flora, which reduces its acidity, and pregnancy.Trichomoniasis is very dangerous for pregnant women because it can provoke the premature delivery and low birth weight.Pregnant women with trichomoniasis who have symptoms of the disease, it is recommended to undergo a course of treatment.Treatment of trichomoniasis should be comprehensive and individual.It is important to bring the treatment to the end, because not finished the cure trichomoniasis may acquire chronic and express themselves in a few years.Treatment of trichomoniasis is reduced to the prescription of antibiotics for oral administration.To successfully eliminate the infection is necessary to have been treated both partners.

Gonorrhea (gonococcal infection)

Gonorrhea - one of the most common infectious diseases, sexually transmitted diseases.Gonorrhoea is a gram diplococcus.Pregnancy does not prevent infection with gonorrhea, but for pregnant women the infection is especially dangerous.For pregnant women with gonorrhea, there is a risk of spontaneous abortion, miscarriage and premature birth.In the postpartum period can occur heavy bleeding.In addition, patients with gonorrhea mother during delivery can infect the baby, which can develop as a result of gonococcal conjunctivitis - blennophthalmia or gonorrhea Gonorrhea - self-ruled Gonorrhea - self-ruled the lower urinary tract.The main symptoms of gonorrhea: abdominal pain, profuse yellow discharge from the vagina is not accompanied by itching, problems with urination.Infection with gonorrhea during pregnancy is dangerous because fresh gonorrhea in this case is not localized in most cases, and actively spread to many parts of the reproductive system.Treatment of pregnant women with gonorrhea, is carried out only in the hospital with antibiotics (penicillin) on prescription scheme.If the treatment is carried out competently and professionally, in most cases gonorrhea in pregnant women successfully cured and complications arise.

Herpes Herpes - a viral disease that affects the skin and mucous membranes.The cause of the disease is a herpes virus.Herpes - the most common disease in pregnant women, which can complicate the development of the pregnancy and prevent the normal development of the fetus.In the case of the primary lesion of a pregnant woman with herpes simplex virus (herpes woman was not hurt and was not carrying the virus before pregnancy) greatly increases the likelihood of premature birth.The severity of herpes depends on the gestational age at which there was an infection with herpes simplex virus.The main sign of herpes - a rash on the skin (if genital herpes - on the skin and large labia minora, vaginal mucosa and cervix), scanty watery watery discharge: signs of norms and diseases Watery discharge: Signs rules and conditions (the duration of which is five to sevendays), itching, burning, weakness, muscle aches and fever.Treatment of genital herpes in pregnant women is the use of antiviral drugs (ointments, creams, tablets) against herpes.Typically, recently caesarean section.


Spotting in early pregnancy may indicate a miscarriage, and later - on premature labor.In the second trimester bleeding after intercourse may indicate cervical erosion.