7 danger signs in pregnancy

danger signs of pregnancy How to determine which symptoms are normal during pregnancy, and which testify to the danger?Some expectant mothers panic and run to the doctor at the slightest pain.Others may ignore the danger signs, believing that it is okay.How to determine which symptoms of pregnancy is a cause for immediate treatment to the doctor, and what can wait until the next scheduled inspection?All the experts agree that it is better to once again alarmed than miss the danger.If in doubt, call a doctor.

bleeding at any stage of pregnancy

bleeding can indicate a variety of problems.Heavy bleeding, abdominal pain and cramping in early pregnancy may indicate an ectopic pregnancy.This condition can be deadly.

in the first and early second trimester, heavy bleeding and cramping may indicate a miscarriage Miscarriage - whether it can be insured? Miscarriage - can you protect yourself from it? .In the third semester, the same symptoms may occur due to rupture of the placenta.

If during pregnancy you have started to bleed, do not hesitate to immediately seek medical attention.

Severe nausea and vomiting

Nausea and vomiting are so severe that you can not keep anything, can lead to dehydrationand lack of nutrients.This may cause defects in the development of the fetus or premature birth.

doctor may prescribe anti-nausea drugs are safe, as well as advise the products to be better absorbed to ensure that you and your child with all necessary.

dramatic decline in the level of activity of the child

If a child is constantly pushing ahead, and now moves much less, it may indicate that he is not getting enough oxygen and nutrients from the placenta.To identify a problem, you can drink cold water or eat something and then lie on your side and check whether the child will begin to move.

You can try to count the number of perturbations and shocks the child for a certain period of time, but it is necessary to know how often this has happened before.A very rough estimate of normal activity - ten or more shocks for two hours.If they are less, contact your doctor, he will be able to determine whether all ok with the child

contractions early in the third trimester

contractions may be a sign of preterm labor.But it may be the so-called false labor (they are weaker than this, spasmodic and tested over time and are not amplified).However, it is better not to risk the health of the child, and if you think that went into labor, call your doctor.If the time for delivery is still too early, the doctor can prevent premature labor.

water broke

If you feel the release of large amounts of fluid, probably a water broke.Sometimes, this symptom can be confused with urinary incontinence (arises from the increased pressure of the uterus on the bladder).In this case, try to go to the toilet and empty your bladder The bladder - structure and function Urinary bladder - structure and function .But if fluid continues to stand out, immediately contact your doctor.

constant severe headache, abdominal pain, vision problems and swelling in the third trimester

These symptoms may indicate preeclampsia.This is a dangerous condition that can be identified by the high pressure and elevated protein levels in the urine protein in the urine - a sign of danger, which should not be underestimated The protein in the urine - a sign of danger, which should not be underestimated , it usually occurs after the twentieth week of pregnancy.With timely treatment doctor can help to cope with this condition.

Flu symptoms

Pregnant women more likely to get the flu during an epidemic - because of the greater stress on the immune system.Also, pregnant women have more chance of complications.

Pay attention to symptoms such as fever, cough, sore throat, runny nose, sneezing, nausea, diarrhea.In this state, it is not necessary to run the clinic, so as not to infect others.Call your doctor at home.In addition, pregnant women are advised to be vaccinated against influenza flu shot - does it make sense to do it? The flu shot - does it make sense to do it? .