Thrush in pregnancy: it is necessary to consult a doctor

Thrush in pregnancy Fungal infections and, in particular, thrush - a very common phenomenon during pregnancy, especially during the second trimester of pregnancy.A characteristic feature of thrush during pregnancy - heavy vaginal discharge with milky curd consistency.Although yeast does not have a material adverse effect on the course of pregnancy and does not cause pregnancy complications, the unpleasant symptoms of fungal infection can cause considerable discomfort.During pregnancy, the more difficult to cure yeast infection, so when the first symptoms of the disease should begin treatment as soon as possible.

thrush during pregnancy women

thrush or vaginal candidiasis - a fungal infection caused by a violation of the acidity of the vaginal environment and, consequently, an increase in the activity of fungal microorganisms.Although thrush causes distinct symptoms alone to diagnose and even more, to treat fungal infection should not be - it is possible that the symptoms may be indicative of some other violation.

cause thrush in pregnancy may be the following factors:

  • hormonal changes caused by pregnancy
  • Antibiotics, steroids, hormonal drugs that violate the microflora
  • high blood sugar blood sugar - one of the key indicatorshuman health Blood sugar - one of the main indicators of human health , for example, diabetes (sugar - the main source of energy for fungal microorganisms)
  • Douching

main cause of the unpleasant symptoms of thrush during pregnancy - changes in hormone levels.A woman's body during pregnancy goes through a lot of changes, some of which may provoke a breach of the vaginal flora.Result - imbalance useful and harmful microorganisms and, as a consequence, vaginal infection (including yeast).


Key symptoms of thrush, which often occur during pregnancy include:

  • White, cheesyconsistency of vaginal discharge with a sharp "yeasty" odor
  • greenish or yellowish discharge cheesy consistency
  • abundant vaginal discharge
  • redness, itching, or irritation of the vulva
  • Burning sensation when urinating or during sexual intercourse

Please note that similar symptomsmay accompany any diseases, sexually transmitted diseases (chlamydia, gonorrhea, trichomoniasis) or bacterial vaginosis - another kind of vaginal infections.Therefore attempt to diagnose it is impossible - with symptoms be sure to consult a gynecologist.To diagnose thrush thrush Diagnostics - the amount of survey for diagnosis Diagnosis thrush - volume survey for diagnosis apply special tests - for example, a swab from the vagina, followed by the study of samples of cells under a microscope.


Under normal circumstances, thrush is treated very simply - a single dose of Diflucan, quickly relieves symptoms of vaginal yeast infections.However, during pregnancy in the treatment of thrush becomes a significant problem, because preparations for oral administration to pregnant women taking is not recommended.The main method of treatment of thrush during pregnancy - vaginal creams and suppositories, the duration of treatment can reach ten to fourteen days.Treat thrush should immediately after detecting signs of infection - although itself thrush in pregnancy is not very dangerous, a fungal infection can be passed from mother to child (thrush in the mouth).

after the suppression of symptom of thrush is important to observe number of preventive steps to not prevent a return fungal infection including:

  • wearing loose not fitting clothes from lingerie and bottom of natural fabrics such as cotton
  • After using the toilet Always use toilet paper
  • Carefully observe the rules of personal hygiene, take a shower immediately after a visit to the pool or the gym, take a damp, with traces of sweat clothes as quickly as possible
  • refuse irrigation and the use of sprays, gels, and other tools for personal hygiene, or with flavorsdyes
  • Eat more yogurt - live cultures in yogurt help restore microflora
  • Limit consumption of sugar - the main source of energy for fungal microorganisms
  • more rest to the body enough energy to fight infections

When to see a doctor?

answer to this question is simple - just as soon as you discover any unusual symptoms, whether it is too heavy, discolored vaginal discharge, itching or redness of the vulva.These symptoms may be indicative not only of the thrush, quite harmless during pregnancy disease, but the disease is much more dangerous for a pregnant woman and her baby.Early diagnosis and treatment will help prevent any potential complications that can provoke such diseases.

In addition, contact your gynecologist is necessary in cases where the treatment of thrush treatment of thrush : how to get rid of bad fungus Treating Thrush: how to get rid of an unpleasant fungus during pregnancy does not contribute to the disappearance of symptoms for three days or when symptoms of vaginal infection Avoiding vaginalInfection How to avoid vaginal infection compounded over time.