Breast changes in pregnancy - Preparation for breast feeding

breast changes during pregnancy From the very beginning of pregnancy begin breast changes: often swollen, sensitive, an increase in breast size is becoming one of the first signs of pregnancy.The reason for all these changes - raising the level of hormones, a woman's body prepares for childbirth.Since every pregnant woman changes in hormone levels occur individually, some breast changes during pregnancy may not appear at all, or be the most noticeable.


How does the breast during pregnancy

woman's body during pregnancy goes through a lot of changes, some of which relate to the chest.

  • Throughout pregnancy breasts increase in size
  • Hypersensitivity to touch the breast can be observed during the whole period of pregnancy.Often, there may be pain when touching
  • One of the most common signs of pregnancy Signs of pregnancy: how to avoid wishful thinking Signs of pregnancy: how to avoid wishful thinking - changing colors, darkening of the skin of nipples and areola (the area around the nipple).These pigmentation changes associated with the influence of hormones that alter the activity of producing melanin pigment cells
  • The breast may tread distinct small veins - this is due to an increase in blood flow to the mammary glands
  • In late pregnancy the breasts start to produce colostrum - a primary breast milk, thickyellowish substance
  • nipple and areola becomes larger, so-called Montgomery glands - glands located in the periphery of the areola of the nipple - increasing, look like small bumps


How to cope with changes in the breast during pregnancy

an indispensable tool for every pregnant woman - a good support bra suitable size for gradually increasing breast.Qualitative bra should have the following characteristics:

  • provide support for normal breast
  • Fit size (you need to fit perfectly inside the breast cup bra)
  • is best to choose a bra with wide straps and adjustable buckle back - even if the subsequent increase in sizeBreast breast size - whether it has value? Breast size - whether it has value? bra will be comfortable.But from underwire bras better during pregnancy give up.

With most breast changes during pregnancy can not do anything, because all these changes are caused by hormones, including breasts and prepare for the future-feeding the child.Increased breast size and breast tenderness causes gradual stretching of the milk ducts, brimming with milk.Sometimes these changes and, in particular, blocked ducts leading to the formation of well palpable nodules in chest, which may appear as red bumps on the skin of the breast, painful to the touch.With such changes in the breast is easy to deal with using warm compresses and massage - dense formations usually disappear on their own within a few days.

Starting from the second trimester of pregnancy, the breasts begin to secrete colostrum, a primary breast milk.Initially it looks like a thick, yellowish liquid, and with the approach of childbirth becomes almost transparent.Colostrum can be released from the nipple, at any time, often when you touch the chest.The appearance of a primary breast milk is perfectly normal and does not indicate any violations pregnancy.Even if until the end of pregnancy the breasts have not started to allocate an initial milk, do not worry - the lack of colostrum does not mean inability to breast feed your baby.