Vaginal discharge during pregnancy: is it always the disease?

vaginal secretions during pregnancy During pregnancy a woman's body undergoes a lot of changes, and one of the first of such changes, which sees a pregnant woman - a change of vaginal discharge.It is important to know what vaginal discharge during pregnancy is normal, and what - indicate a vaginal infection How to avoid vaginal infection How to avoid vaginal infection .

Normal vaginal discharge during pregnancy

Normal vaginal discharge during pregnancy, or so-called whites - white or milky color, low odor, low viscosity, not dense.Such isolation is absolutely natural, when they occur there is no reason for concern.

During pregnancy:

  • Do not use tampons How to use sanitary pad - basic precautions How to use sanitary pad - basic precautions (they can be "carriers" of harmful microorganisms in the vagina)
  • Do not douche (douching can disturb the normal vaginal flora andlead to bacterial vaginosis - quite dangerous during pregnancy violation)
  • Do not try to diagnose, let alone treat yourself: you must remember that the whites - this is not a sign of bacterial or fungal infection of the vagina
  • If vaginal discharge abundant, can be used daily finegaskets
  • If you find any change in vaginal discharge (color, texture, smell) better to consult a gynecologist

When vaginal discharge evidence of the disease?

Change the color, texture, odor or amount of discharge from the vagina Vaginal Vaginal discharge - the first (and sometimes only) signs of any disorder or disease.If vaginal discharge greenish or yellowish color, with a strong unpleasant smell, accompanied by redness or itching of the vulva - that is, most likely, a vaginal infection.The most common type of vaginal infection seen during pregnancy - a common yeast infection (candidiasis), which, even during pregnancy easily and effectively treated with antibiotics.In addition, abnormal vaginal discharge can cause the disease, sexually transmitted diseases.

When to call a doctor?

Any change in vaginal discharge during pregnancy must be notified to the gynecologist - in any case do not try to diagnose and even more, to be treated yourself.Even spotting during pregnancy Discharge during pregnancy - should not be afraid Discharges during pregnancy - should not be afraid may be natural, not dangerous phenomenon, but seek the advice of a gynecologist is necessary, in any case, when the discharge or vaginal bleeding observed for longer than a day,and are accompanied by spasms or pain in the abdomen.