Leykoreya (whites) in pregnancy: is there a cause for excitement?

leykoreya whites pregnant learning that soon she will become a mother, a woman expects a lot: the morning sickness, gas, lower abdominal pain, varicose veins and stretch marks.The last thing she expects vaginal discharge.Meanwhile, leykoreya or bleach - common in pregnant women.In most cases, whites are harmless, but sometimes require treatment.

Beli - mucus Mucous discharge - what is the norm for a healthy woman Mucus - what is the norm for a healthy woman vaginal white or yellowish color.Typically, they are always present in women, but in certain circumstances, their number increases.Physiological whites help to maintain a moist environment inside the vagina that retains its normal microflora.In some cases, there is an increased secretory activity of the mucous membrane of the cervix, then the amount of bleeding can be profuse, but this is no reason for concern.This situation often occurs during pregnancy, the postpartum period, through sexual contact, immediately prior to the onset of menses.Normal allocation have mucous consistency, no color or smell, does not cause irritation of the external genitalia and perineum.

If the reason for increasing the number of cables - the bacteria, you can restore the normal pH of the vagina is often sufficient to acidify the natural yogurt.However, pregnant women often suffer from fungal infections.Their growth is not pH-dependent, but because in this case the recovery acidic environment of the vagina generally does not help.In this case, tedious as soon as possible to see a doctor and start treatment.

How common bleach during pregnancy?

Doctors claim that whites - one of the most common symptoms of pregnancy, fetal development and the amount of bleeding increases.This is perfectly normal.In varying degrees, leukorrhea subject to all pregnant women, only one selection is so abundant that we have to wear pads (tampons are contraindicated during pregnancy), while others barely notice them and do not feel any discomfort.

When whites - a cause for concern?

Beli may occur in pathological changes in reproductive organs (eg, inflammatory processes, tumors), some common diseases (eg, tuberculosis, diabetes, diseases of the blood and blood-forming organs).The appearance also contribute to the omission of cables vaginal walls omission of the vaginal walls - a serious reason to see a doctor Omission of the vaginal walls - a serious reason to see a doctor , perineal tears, long wearing tubal rings, breaking the rules of personal hygiene.

Consult your doctor should be the case when the vaginal discharge accompanied by burning and itching in it or in the external genitals, acquire an unpleasant smell, milky-white, yellow or greenish color, admixture of blood, watery or cheesy consistency.

Abundant whites lead to the fact that they do not have time to evaporate and perineal felt constant humidity, formed maceration, reduced libido.

In addition, whites are often caused by infectious agents.The most common cause of cables is inflammation of the lining of the vagina (vaginitis, colpitis), usually combined with cervicitis.Character of discharge at coleitis depends on the type of pathogen.For example, when bleach trichomoniasis frothy, with purulent infection - green, with bacterial vaginosis have a pungent, fishy odor, fungal obesity vaginal mucosa covered with white thread-like bloom.Yellow and greenish whites indicate purulent inflammation, such as gonorrhea, sukrovichnye whites caused malignant tissue ulceration genitals that happens in sarcoma, fibroids and cancer.

During routine inspection gynecologist takes a swab to detect possible infections, the results are known within three to seven days.If the results of the analysis revealed no abnormalities, then no preventive therapy is required.Fermented milk secretions smell due to the presence of lactobacilli in vaginal microflora.

How to eliminate the discomfort caused by belyami

The following tips will help you eliminate the discomfort that accompanies these harmless but unpleasant selection:

  • use panty liners (in any case, not tampons - they increase the risk of infection inthe birth canal);
  • observe personal hygiene and keep the perineum clean;
  • refuse tight underwear and clothes, tights and pants;
  • not use scented and parfyumerirovannymi hygiene products: soap, gel for the soul, body oil, bath foam;
  • not use vaginal sprays for personal hygiene;
  • not use douching to flush the cables from the vagina;
  • eat every day at least one cup of yogurt containing live lactobacilli atsidofilla to reduce the risk of vaginal yeast pathogenic fungi genus Candida (or Monilia).

When folk treatments whites are treated with infusion of hypericum extract of sage leaves Sage - cvyaschennaya grass Sage - cvyaschennaya grass , rosemary and oak bark.It is believed that well help from the cables hot tubs of pine twigs or pine extract.To eliminate the cables and into the vagina on gauze How to use tampon - basic precautions How to use sanitary pad - basic precautions deep into the vagina injected a small amount of honey (10-15 daily treatment procedures).After the first two or three treatments may experience itching and burning, but in the future they do not disturb, and the secret of the vagina clean.Usually after 10-12 sessions vaginal mucosa and cervix becomes normal.

Thus, whites - a perfectly normal manifestation of pregnancy, which is celebrated in many pregnant women.But a change in the type, texture and color of cables may be indicative of infection or pregnancy complications.In this case requires medical intervention and treatment.