Bacterial vaginosis in pregnancy: what is the danger?

Bacterial vaginosis during pregnancy Bacterial vaginosis - a consequence of violations of the normal vaginal microflora vaginal microflora: purity The microflora of the vagina: purity , most often observed during pregnancy.For a variety of reasons related to changes in the body during pregnancy, bacterial vaginosis in pregnancy is very common - nearly thirty percent of women.Bacterial vaginosis is not considered a sexually transmitted disease through - sexual activity, rather, is a factor in provoking the disease.

Symptoms of bacterial vaginosis

One of the most common symptoms of bacterial vaginosis - gray or white vaginal discharge Vaginal Vaginal discharge with a characteristic unpleasant musty odor, resembling the smell of raw fish.Nevertheless, in some cases, bacterial vaginosis may be asymptomatic.The main method of diagnosis of bacterial vaginosis, even when no symptoms - a smear on the flora smear on flora - will help to identify the problem in time Smear on the flora - will help to identify the problem in time from the vagina (mucosa samples were examined under a microscope).


Bacterial vaginosis - vaginal microflora in violation of the environment, which leads to excessive activity and too rapid proliferation of certain types of bacteria.The exact cause of bacterial vaginosis can not be determined until now.It is known that bacterial vaginosis is not sexually transmitted, but the sexual act can be one of the factors that triggered the disease.In addition, bacterial vaginosis can cause non-compliance with the rules of personal hygiene, douching, the constant use of personal hygiene, and irritate the vaginal microflora infringing.

Harmful if bacterial vaginosis in pregnancy?

Although the symptoms of bacterial vaginosis is usually quite harmless and often limited to a change in color, texture and the number of selections, in fact this disease during pregnancy is very dangerous.Medical studies show that bacterial vaginosis during pregnancy increases the risk of premature birth, miscarriage, premature baby.That is why when it detects the first signs of bacterial vaginosis as soon as possible to begin treatment.

treatment of bacterial vaginosis in pregnant women

Surgical treatment of bacterial vaginosis is recommended to reduce the risk of preterm birth.Accepted provide two basic methods of treatment:

  • course of oral antibiotics: clindamycin or metronidazole.The course lasts seven days, the recommended dosage - three hundred milligrams of clindamycin twice daily or metronidazole hundred milligrams twice a day.
  • Medicines for external use: clindamycin or metronidazole in the form of vaginal suppositories or vaginal cream.The recommended duration of treatment - five days.Please be aware that this method of treatment can eliminate the symptoms, but does not reduce the risk of potential complications of pregnancy caused by bacterial vaginosis Bacterial vaginosis - sex not recommended Bacterial vaginosis - sex is not recommended .