Can I drink alcohol during pregnancy?

  • Can I drink alcohol during pregnancy?
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drinking alcohol during pregnancy When you drink alcoholic beverages during pregnancy, at the same time consume alcohol and your child.Alcohol easily penetrates through the placenta to the baby.Drinking alcohol increases the risk of embryo alcohol syndrome - a whole range of birth defects, which is the use of alcohol during pregnancy.

Facts about alcohol

  • Alcohol - a teratogen.Teratogen - a toxic substance that is considered to be very harmful to humans.
  • Alcohol easily penetrates through the placental barrier.When you drink alcohol, at the same time it uses, and your child.Since the baby is not fully formed, alcohol is split more slowly - and this means that toxic substances contained in alcoholic beverages remain in the baby's blood much longer than in the blood of pregnant women.This can lead to significant damage at the stage of fetal development Fetal development - week after week Fetal development - week after week .
  • Absolutely all drinks containing alcohol can be harmful to the child.Of a "safe amount" of alcohol that can be consumed during pregnancy without harm to the child, does not exist.

How alcohol affects the development of the baby during pregnancy?

the baby develops throughout all nine months of pregnancy.During the first four weeks of pregnancy, the developing heart, central nervous system, eyes, hands and feet.Around the third week of pregnancy, the baby's brain begins to form, the development of which continues until the end of pregnancy.During the third trimester, rapidly increasing the size of the child's body.Drinking excessive amounts of alcohol on any of these important stages of development of the child's organism can cause serious deviations.

Drinking alcohol during pregnancy (especially permanent) can lead to the development of so-called embryonic alcohol syndrome, which is considered one of the most common causes of mental retardation Mental retardation - if the mind is underdeveloped Mental retardation - if the mind is underdeveloped and developmental delays in young children.Drinking during pregnancy can cause a very unpleasant consequences for the health of the child.Among them:

  • Mental retardation
  • Birth defects of the skeleton and internal organs (especially with respect to the heart and brain)
  • lag in mental and physical development, stunted growth
  • problems with memory, attention, perception and assimilation of new information(difficulty in learning)
  • disorders of the central nervous system
  • dysmotility

Drinking alcohol in large quantities during pregnancy may also affecton the exterior of the baby too small eyes, short nose, hollow cheeks, thin lips - a common consequence of the impact of alcohol on the body of the child during the period of its formation.

safe amount of alcohol

such thing as a "safe amount" of alcohol consumed does not exist.The greater the number of alcohol consumed, the greater the risk of birth defects in the child.The most dangerous for the health of the child during pregnancy eating more than five servings of alcohol in a row, or more than seven drinks per week - but safety is the number of the norm considered in any case should not be.

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