Can I take hot baths during pregnancy: a hidden danger

take hot baths during pregnancy bath with hot water and fragrant foam - seemingly the perfect way to soothe aching muscles and relieve discomfort that often accompanies pregnancy.However, taking hot baths during pregnancy is not always safe: relaxing, relieving pain hot tubs can cause hyperthermia Hyperthermia - when the body is overheated Hyperthermia - when the body is overheated - abnormal increase in body temperature, or, in other words, overheating.


more dangerous hot baths during pregnancy?

Numerous medical studies have shown that an increase in body temperature up to 38.33 degrees Celsius or higher during pregnancy is unsafe.With increased body temperature, especially in the first trimester of pregnancy is associated increased risk of birth defects in the child.In general, it is believed that an increase in body temperature of up to thirty-nine degrees centigrade is unacceptable and can lead to serious consequences for the health of pregnant women and children.

Relaxing hot tubs are a potential risk of overheating: for example, if the water temperature is about forty degrees Celsius, the body temperature rises to dangerous threshold of thirty-nine degrees in just ten to twenty minutes in hot water.Particularly high risk of overheating in those cases where, while in the bath, you agree not sitting, and a horizontal position - so that the water is only the head.If a large portion of the torso when in the bath is not hidden under water, much lower risk of overheating.


How to reduce the risk

potential danger of overheating does not outweigh, however, all the advantages of a hot bath - in most cases, give up baths for the whole period of pregnancy is not necessary, it is important to observe a few basic rules to reduce the risk of overheating:

  • Do not take a hot bath for more than ten minutes
  • drawing water into the bath, measure its temperature
  • is in the bath for a long period of time, the temperature of the body
  • If the hot tub makes you feel bad (dizzy,impaired breathing, sweating stops, dark eyes), immediately discard the bathing
  • The bath is better to be in a sitting, not horizontal - it will help reduce the risk of overheating