Utrozhestan and breastfeeding compatible

utrozhestan breastfeeding Utrozhestan - a drug, an active substance which is the female sex hormone progesterone Progesterone - norm and pathology Progesterone - norm and pathology .Feature of progesterone is that it partially inhibits the secretion of pituitary hormone oxytocin, which regulates the secretion of breast milk.

How does progesterone

Progesterone promotes the formation of normal mucosa of the uterus in women, and its transition from the phase of proliferation (increased cell division and proliferation) in a phase separation secretion required for the implementation and development of a fertilized egg.If you select the area of ​​progesterone is insufficient, it may cause menstrual irregularities and infertility.

Progesterone is also a major action of hormones of pregnancy and its inadequate secretion of pregnancy may be interrupted.This is because that progesterone inhibits the contractile activity of uterine muscles.If the pregnancy is threatened abortion, then prescribe drugs containing progesterone, for example, utrozhestan Utrozhestan - corrects the deficiency of progesterone Utrozhestan - corrects the deficiency of progesterone .

interaction of progesterone and oxytocin

Progesterone inhibits the secretion of the hormone of the posterior pituitary oxytocin, which stimulates the separation of milk functioning mammary gland.The mechanism of action of oxytocin is to stimulate contraction of the smooth muscle fibers of the breast and uterus.Throughout the pregnancy the body's "kingdom" progesterone, under its influence breast preparing for lactation.

But just before birth progesterone decreases sharply, but the increased secretion of oxytocin, which stimulates the first contraction of smooth muscle of the uterus (birth place), and thenbreast cancer - it starts to produce milk.As a result of contraction of the smooth muscles surrounding the alveoli (glandular breast tissue, produce milk) milk from the alveoli squeezed into milk ducts and lactation begins.

Immediately after birth, she will need to often put the baby to the breast - smooth muscle contraction causes the milk ducts friendly contraction of muscles of the uterus, the uterus contracts and rapidly decreases in volume.The immediate impetus for the secretion of oxytocin is a mechanical irritation of the nerve endings in the nipple of the breast, which causes the pituitary oxytocin reflex department.

oxytocin in the body breaks down pretty quickly.In the blood of pregnant women is present oksitotsinaza enzyme which inactivates the molecule by cleavage of oxytocin.After 10-14 days postpartum this enzyme in the blood of women disappears and oxytocin inactivated by another enzyme.

Violation oxytocin secretion leads to disruption of the course of labor and disruption of mammary glands during lactation.

How utrozhestan effect on lactation

in lactation utrozhestan not usually prescribed - this is not necessary.If there have been any violations of the menstrual cycle after birth, it is not immediately detected and the woman may continue to feed the baby.

Utrozhestan doctor can prescribe to prevent the proliferation of sites of endometriosis or uterine fibroids.In this case, lactation definitely reduced as blocked secretion of oxytocin.So we have to choose what is more important at the moment: the treatment of the mother or breastfeeding.

drugs oxytocin to stimulate lactation

These drugs include demoksitotsin that some pharmaceutical companies are manufactured under the name sandopart.It is a synthetic analogue of oxytocin, which stimulates the generic activities and lactation.The mechanism of action of this drug is based on the fact that it increases the tone and contractility of uterine smooth muscle contraction and smooth muscle cells surrounding the alveoli of the mammary glands.

sandopart Available in tablets, which are laid on the cheek or under the tongue and held there until complete resorption.The dose of the drug is prescribed by the doctor individually, but usually to stimulate lactation, he applied for five minutes before feeding the baby Breastfeeding - a personal choice Breastfeeding - a personal choice for half or a whole tablet under the tongue.

sandoparta Side effects may appear as nausea, vomiting, abnormal labor, premature detachment of the placenta, heart rhythm disorders, fetal hypoxia fetal hypoxia - the consequences of lack of oxygen in the body Fetal Hypoxia - the consequences of lack of oxygen in the body (lack of oxygen due to thesqueezing the muscles of the blood vessels), hypersensitive to the components of the drug.

Contraindications sandoparta are hypersensitivity to the drug and the condition in which the natural childbirth can not occur (for example, a discrepancy of a narrow pelvis and the size of the fetus).

Galina Romanenko