Smoking during pregnancy: risk zone

Smoking during pregnancy risk zone Pregnancy - time is to think seriously about how to quit smoking How to quit smoking: tips for women How to Quit Smoking: Tips for Women : the rejection of cigarettes will not only improve health, but will also provide the necessary energyto pregnancy proceeded as easily as possible.But the most important advantage of quitting smoking during pregnancy - an opportunity to reduce the risk of future health problems, including diseases of the cardiovascular system, cancer Breast cancer - a sentence? Breast cancer - the verdict? and other lung diseases.Smoking during pregnancy is not only undesirable, but even dangerous: according to statistics, thousands of newborn babies die every year due to the fact that women smoked during pregnancy.

course, abandon the bad habit is never easy - especially during pregnancy, which in itself is often a difficult challenge for a woman.However, danger to the health of mother and child associated with smoking during pregnancy, too high to continue to smoke during pregnancy.

The dangerous smoking during pregnancy?

When you smoke, your baby smokes.Toxic substances that enter the body of a pregnant woman during smoking - nicotine, lead, arsenic compounds, carbon monoxide - can easily penetrate the placenta, preventing normal access of nutrients and oxygen required for normal fetal development Fetal development - week after week Fetal development - week after week , the body of the unborn child.

Smoking during pregnancy can lead to premature birth, premature birth or even death of the newborn.According to statistics, in twenty or thirty cases, the baby is born prematurely main culprit is smoking advocates.Smoking during pregnancy - the cause of fourteen percent of all premature births and ten per cent of newborn deaths.

Even secondhand smoke can be dangerous for your child.Passive smoking (being near a smoker, even if you do not smoke) is no less dangerous to the health of a child - it increases the risk of prematurity and the emergence of health problems the baby.

Smoking during pregnancy can lead to long-term consequences.Smoking during pregnancy can lead to a general weakening of the body of the child - the child will be more likely to get sick, he will have lung problems, learning in kindergarten and school will be given to him with great difficulty.

If a woman continues to smoke after birth, with very high probability the baby will get sick more often: the common cold, cough, infections of the middle ear in children - a frequent occurrence in those families where the parents smoke after birth.Newborn lung capacity is very small, and secondhand smoke can hamper breathing, trigger bronchitis or pneumonia.

nicotine replacement therapy (eg, anti-nicotine patch) can affect a child's health.If the order to get rid of a bad habit you need tools that replace the nicotine in cigarettes (for example, the standard way of dealing with smoking - anti-nicotine patch), it is best to consult a gynecologist.Only a doctor can assess the potential risks and benefits of such methods to combat smoking during pregnancy.

How to quit smoking during pregnancy

from any bad habit Bad habits - second nature? Bad habits - second nature? or dependence (particularly evolved over the years) is very difficult to get rid of.To combat smoking consciously appreciate the benefits of advance refusal of cigarettes:

Refusal of cigarettes during pregnancy:

  • Reduces the risk of preterm delivery and premature baby
  • Increases the amount of nutrients and oxygen that the baby receives during pregnancy reduces
  • risk of Problems with health unborn child and in pregnant women
  • provide the energy needed pregnancy for normal
  • Saves money can spend to acquire things child needs future

Replacement privychek

smoking habit at a certain time (for example, after a meal), try to replace the habit more useful - for example, walking or reading.If you are accustomed to smoking, reading a newspaper or a book, replace cigarettes snack or a glass of juice.

Consult your doctor

If the rejection of cigarettes given to you with difficulty, seek medical attention - a doctor may recommend methods of struggle with addiction to nicotine, suitable for pregnant women (it can be a nicotine patch, gum, which-or drugs safe during pregnancy).

  • If there is a desire to have a cigarette go do something that would distract your attention.Good help in getting rid of nicotine addiction candy or chewing gum.
  • Try as little as possible to communicate with the smokers and to be in places where smoking is permitted.