Pregnancy after cesarean section: is there a risk?

pregnancy after cesarean section Today delivery was by Caesarean section has become so common that more than fifteen percent (up to forty - in the perinatal center) babies are born in this way, although the absolute medical indications, according to the statistics availablefive percent of all pregnant women.This situation entails serious consequences: young women want to have more children, and became pregnant after cesarean section before the allotted period of doctors, are faced with a choice: to continue the pregnancy or have an abortion, and wait for the pause position between births.

scar on the uterus

Most women are afraid that during pregnancy or childbirth disperse seam on the uterus and its rupture occurs.Indeed, the outlook is unfavorable for the subsequent pregnancy if the caesarean section was performed with complications, followed by infection and festering wound, or longitudinal section, which is widely practiced before, and did not provide consistency seam.

Currently incision for caesarean section is performed in the lower part of the uterus, where it is minimal stretching and recovery is faster.If the operation is carried out under aseptic conditions, in compliance with all rules and procedures, the healing of surgical wounds takes place safely, ensuring the integrity of the uterine wall and its resistance to stress during subsequent pregnancies.Today, more than thirty percent of the women operated by caesarean section, give birth to the next baby vaginally, and the number of women is increasing every year.

Consistency joint control with the help of ultrasound, estimating the homogeneity and size of the scar.Recent studies have shown that the optimal time the offensive subsequent pregnancy after cesarean section in the range of one to five years.Earlier this period may be insufficient vascularization of the scar, and then - prevalent connective tissue components, which greatly reduces the elasticity of the tissues and increases the risk of discrepancies seam, but to fully appreciate this factor can only be a gynecologist, a leading pregnancy.

Risk Factors

abortion in all, especially early, terms, after having a history of caesarean section, bears a greater threatfor a woman than repeated pregnancy, as gross interference into the uterus is much more dangerous than the natural physiological process.

Caesarean section is abdominal surgery, after which the female body needs time to recover, which directly depends on how was the operation itself and acute post-operative period.

important presence of comorbidity in women, as female inflammatory diseases, chronic infection foci, irregular menstrual cycle menstrual cycle and its response Menstrual cycle and its characteristics , severe fatigue.

Another factor aggravating the forecast after pregnancy with a history of cesarean section - the attachment of the fetus in the area of ​​the scar, as it worsens the blood supply and can hinder the development of the child.

Pregnancy and delivery

When the registration for pregnancy doctor must tell the woman about all the threats related to the presence of uterine scar.It is sometimes very scary women, but the other can not be, since women's awareness of her condition and possible options for pregnancy - a professional duty of the doctor.

Pregnancy conducted as usual, with the only difference that for each controlled by ultrasound of the uterine scar.Carefully need to treat pain in the lower abdomen, which may constitute a threat to abortion.Such episodes require hospitalization to conduct differential diagnosis and provide timely high-quality treatment.After 36 weeks it becomes clear forecast path of delivery, which depends on many factors, including the attitude of the woman.Incision during cesarean nowadays made in the lower part of the uterus and, in most cases, does not interfere with subsequent pregnancies and nurturing independent genera.

Svetlana Shimkovich