Treatment for thrush antifungal drugs - the main groups of drugs

treatment of thrush antifungal drugs the treatment of thrush main objective to be achieved, it is the complete removal of the pathogen causing the disease.There is a fairly wide choice of medication that are used in practice.Treatment for thrush antifungal drugs should be prescribed by a doctor after a full examination of the woman.To prevent the development of serious complications from the practice of self must be abandoned.

What is included in a group of antifungal agents

extensive group of antifungal drugs includes two groups of funds.This medication imidazole and triazole series.In a separate group include preparations containing various antiseptic agent such as iodine.Of the group

imidazolovogo series often in practice used the following drugs:

  • clotrimazole vaginal suppository or tablets one percent cream.For topical use, creams, which follows ten days, apply a thin layer on the skin of genitals outside multiple times during the day.The tablets are to be administered into the vagina and appoint seven to fourteen days
  • ketoconazole candles.If thrush is keen for it is sufficient to hold antifungal therapy within five days.In more severe chronic form of the disease duration of therapy should be ten days
  • omokonazol candles.The duration of the appointment of candles depends on the data of the drug dosage.When using suppositories, which contain 300 mg of the drug, they are administered only for three days.Candles 900 mg intended for single administration
  • econazole and isoconazole candles.Candles should be led into the vagina for three or six days, as determined by the clinical picture of the disease

triazole number of drugs have systemic antimycotic effect, therefore these medicines should be included in the therapy.Itraconazole is administered simultaneously with local therapy of 200 mg three days.Increase the duration of treatment is recommended for thrush that occurs in the chronic form.In this case, systemic medications woman should take six months.

Opportunities treatment of thrush in modern conditions

At present a great opportunity to conduct an effective therapy even in the appointment of a single dose of the drug.Modern antifungal agents can be assigned to a single administration, while achieving good clinical results confirmed by laboratory studies.These drugs include sertaconazole that in the pharmacy network known as Zalain.These plugs must be inserted into the vagina once only.Term of action of the active medicament is seven days, so to carry out a check-up following the expiration of this period.

Quite often doctors in their practice are faced with a situation where women are currently prescribed intake of tablets Nystatin Nystatin - help with candidiasis Nystatin - help with candidiasis to treat thrush.This is a very negative impact on the further course of the treatment process and its effectiveness.It proved that with the use of this drug inside its absorption does not occur at the level of the intestine, therefore it has no systemic antifungal effects on the body.With regard to topical application of nystatin in the form of suppositories, in case of determining the sensitivity of the pathogen, it can be recommended for topical treatment.