Vaginal discharge before menstruation - the main reasons

vaginal discharge before menstruation A healthy women throughout the menstrual cycle observed mucous clear or slightly cloudy discharge.The intensity of vaginal discharge is directly related to the phase of the cycle and depends on the synthesized hormone.In addition, throughout the menstrual cycle allocation may change color and consistency.Significant changes occur before menstruation and discharge Discharge before menstruation - that is the norm? Selections before menstruation - that is the norm? .The changing nature of vaginal cables on the eve of menstruation occurs not only for physiological reasons, but also can indicate the presence of gynecological diseases.

normal allocation

Normally, in the second half of the menstrual cycle, vaginal discharge volume increased.The presence of a large number of vaginal swab sticks and white blood cells does not belong to the category of pathologies, if a woman says no discomfort (itching and burning in the area of ​​the external labia, pain during sexual intercourse).Unclear tone discharge indicates the presence in them of exfoliated epithelial cells and is treated as a normal component cables.

In two - three days before menstruation increases the amount of vaginal discharge.

During this period, women have a higher moisture content of the labia.Color selections on the eve of menstruation varies and is different for each woman.Beli may be yellowish, whitish or cloudy.The consistency of the discharge also varies, may cause creamy or kiseleobraznyh cables.In normal vaginal discharge before menstruation is no unpleasant odor.The appearance of smearing brownish discharge per day or a few hours before menstruation talks about her beginning and as is the norm.

abnormal discharge

Any changes on the eve of menstrual discharge, which are accompanied by discomfort and discomfort of the vulva indicate a pathological process:

Thrush Thrush or urogenital candidiasis, characterized by the appearance of white cheesy discharge with a sour smell.The woman complained of itching and burning of the external labia, which are enhanced at night and after intercourse.A characteristic feature of urogenital candidiasis is to strengthen or symptoms of the disease before and after menstruation.Treatment for thrush held antifungal drugs.

  • chronic endometritis

chronic endometritis (inflammation of the uterus) often asymptomatic or with mild symptoms.A characteristic feature of the disease is the allocation that appear before menstruation and have a kind of "meat slops".Furthermore, the presence of such separation accompanied malodor (rot).In addition to providing women worry nagging pains in the abdomen, during the inspection defined painful and slightly enlarged uterus.Treatment of chronic endometritis include anti-inflammatory, immunostimulant and vitamin therapy.

  • Cervical erosion

presence of white or mucus Mucous discharge - what is the norm for a healthy woman Mucus - what is the norm for a healthy woman with white veins evidence of cervical erosion.Often the disease is manifested scarlet bloody discharge on the eve of menstruation or contact bleeding (after intercourse, pelvic examination).Cervical erosion is easily determined visually during the inspection of the cervix in the mirrors.Treatment of the disease is to remove the erosion (burning or lazerovaporizatsiya).

  • hyperplasia or endometrial polyps

Pathological processes of the endometrium is often accompanied by the appearance of brown spotting Spotting - it is important to rule out pathology Spotting - it is important to rule out pathology a few days before menstruation.Also, these can highlight the presence of adenomyosis (endometriosis of the uterus).Treatment of endometrial hyperplasia and polyps is surgical removal, followed by hormone therapy.

Cervicitis Cervicitis (inflammation of the cervix) is characterized by the appearance of liquid and watery discharge watery discharge: signs of norms and diseases Watery discharge: Signs rules and conditions before menstruation.Purulent cervicitis appears thick secretions with a greenish tinge, which on the eve of the monthly increase.When cervicitis appointed as the systemic antibiotics (orally) and local (vaginal).

Anna Sozinova