Pinched nerve during pregnancy - a rare, but "label" nuisance

pinched nerve pregnancy True pinched nerve pinched nerve - what to do when severe pain? Pinched nerve - what to do when severe pain? during pregnancy does not happen too often.More often, women are pinched for pain arising from the increased load on the spine.These pains are fast enough, and back again at elevated physical activity.

load on the spine

during pregnancy under the influence of hormones gradually relaxing the joints and ligaments by which the pelvic bones are attached to the spine.This is to ensure that during childbirth bone joints acquired greater mobility, which allows to increase the birth canal.At the same time gradually increasing stomach and this creates a growing strain on the spine.

the second half of pregnancy, all this can cause intermittent aching back Back Pain: Do not start the Back pain: Do not start the process , which are the result of some pressure on the nerve.Such a pain in the second half of pregnancy are almost all women.

To reduce the load on the spine in this case it is recommended to wear a bandage and prenatal periodically to kneel, leaning his elbows and forearms on the floor.This Bozeman's position perfectly offloads the spine and the pain passes.If pain is often disturbed, it is advisable to carry out a total of two hours per day in jackknife position - 15-20 minutes once a day.

there be a pinched nerve during pregnancy?

happens.Entrapment (more correctly, pinching) nerve during pregnancy occurs in the case where the spinal cord extending from the spinal nerve is compressed at the exit point of the spine.Most often such a situation arises during pregnancy in women who have had similar problems before pregnancy.There may be a pinched nerve as when a large weight (obesity, hidden edema, polyhydramnios, multiple pregnancy).

happens in this case, infringement of the fact that under the influence of excess cargo deteriorate and lose elasticity of the intervertebral discs - connective rings having in the center elastic core.Worn drive may break and go beyond the spine, nerve prejudice - this is the true nerve entrapment.Pinched nerve during pregnancy often happens in the lumbar and sacral.


infringement nerve roots extending from the lumbar spine, called lumbodynia or lumbago.Lumbago is called infringement because sharp penetrating pain, comparable in intensity with a gunshot wound.Aching with the generally lower back, sometimes pain in the back or gives in his feet, but the most intense pain persists at waist level.

paroxysmal pain begins, usually after exercise or hypothermia (they are not the cause but the starting point) and can be broken, stabbing or throbbing.This causes protective muscle tension of the back and makes a woman to freeze in an unnatural posture, which may be harmful during pregnancy.All attempts to change the situation thwarts the new cross - pain.

This attack can stay from several minutes to several days.Most women report that the pain appeared as suddenly as it had begun, "as if something clicked and fell into place."There are only minor pain.Enhances pain back muscle strain.And if the voltage is removed, the pain is significantly reduced.


The sciatic nerve is formed from the nerves of the lumbosacral plexus and goes along the buttocks at the back of the thigh, then down a smaller nerves to the foot.If the infringement of the nerve there is a strong pain in his turn.Usually sciatic nerve pinching sciatic nerve entrapment, why it happens Infringement of the sciatic nerve, why it happens is a sign of a herniated disc.

If the infringement of the sciatic nerve is the main sign of the strong attacks of unilateral pain.Generally, these pains are totally after the attack.

In typical cases, the pain begins in the lumbar region, and then spread to the buttocks, the back of the thigh, leg and foot outer surface.In the long nerve entrapment may cause muscle weakness.It is not very useful during pregnancy because it can complicate delivery.Pinched nerve can cause a violation of urination and constipation Constipation - Watch out for food Constipation - Watch out for food in pregnant women.

How to help a pregnant woman with a pinched nerve

Severe back pain and sciatica require their withdrawal.However, pregnant women do not fit all the ways to relieve pain.Painkillers prescribed to them as a last resort, weighing the pros and cons.

patients with lumbar nerve recommended infringement still lying on his back on a hard, flat surface.In pregnancy, this advice is unlikely to fit - a pregnant woman lying on the back is not so easy.Therefore it is better to use the trucks in knee-elbow position - it contributes to a rapid decrease and even relieve pain.And, of course, you need to wear a bandage.No less important is this advice and infringement of the sciatic nerve.

woman sleep better at his side, laying a cushion between the legs, which will support the abdomen.From horizontal to vertical position must proceed cautiously, first rolling onto his side and leaning on hand.While walking and sitting back to keep straight - this will reduce the load on the spine.If the work is sedentary, then periodically (preferably every half hour) to get up and look a bit like.Matters & Footwear: it must be sustainable on a small heel (heel can not be entirely without - it will contribute to the development of flat feet).

As for medical treatment, it may appoint a doctor.

Galina Romanenko