Brown discharge during pregnancy: a doctor immediately!

brown discharge during pregnancy Pregnancy - is a very important and exciting time in a woman's life.Any deviation or discomfort during this period is perceived as a catastrophe pregnant.The most frequent pathological signs during pregnancy is the appearance of brown discharge.Reasons for the appearance of brown discharge during pregnancy are varied and numerous.Such separation can occur at any stage of pregnancy and requires medical supervision and treatment.Therefore, the appearance of such an alarm should immediately consult a doctor.

threatened abortion

threat of termination of pregnancy can occur at any time, but often manifests itself in the first trimester of pregnancy.The causes leading to the threat of interruption different (exposure to radiation, chemicals, alcohol or smoking, fetal genetic abnormalities, hormonal disorders, failure of the cervix, etc.).Manifested threat of interruption occurrence of red or brown spotting bleeding, aching pain in the abdomen and lower back.Chance of diarrheal disorders: loss of appetite, nausea and vomiting, diarrhea.If untreated, the threat of termination of pregnancy is at the stage of abortion in the course, with abdominal pain Abdominal pain: Types and Symptoms Abdominal pain: Types and Symptoms get cramping and bleeding increases.In this case, it is impossible to continue the pregnancy and produce scraping Scraping - heavy and unsafe procedure Scraping - heavy and unsafe procedure uterus.Treatment of threatened abortion is to appoint preserving therapy (antispasmodics, gemostatiki, hormones).

Ectopic pregnancy

An ectopic pregnancy is one of the most dangerous pathologies.The prognosis for an ectopic pregnancy is poor.The causes of ectopic pregnancy include: chronic inflammatory diseases of the uterus and appendages, hormonal disorders, genital infantilism, uterine fibroids and endometriosis, intrauterine device, genital malformations (intrauterine partition, two-horned uterus horned uterus: what you need to know about pregnancy andchildbirth Antlered uterus: what you need to know about pregnancy and childbirth etc.).The most common tubal ectopic pregnancy Ectopic pregnancy - Fatal dangerous Ectopic pregnancy - Fatal dangerous , when the fertilized egg is implanted in a tube.In the case of tubal abortion, when you try to push the pipe fertilized egg from its cavity, causing severe pain in the abdomen, on the right or left side.Pain may enroll in the lower extremities, anus, or in the upper quadrant supraclavicular region.The attack lasted several minutes.After the attack appear brown spotting (the result of rejection decidua).The diagnosis: ectopic pregnancy requires emergency surgery.

placenta previa

Placenta previa is defined in the later stages of pregnancy (after 20 weeks).Contributing factors of placenta previa include: abnormal development of the uterus, post-surgical scars on the uterus, chronic endometritis, uterine fibroids and endometriosis, frequent abortions and diagnostic curettage.Placenta previa is shown bloody discharge (from smearing brown to heavy).Bleeding with placenta previa may occur suddenly, for no apparent reason.Pain in no bleeding.The appearance of bleeding with placenta previa requires immediate hospitalization to stop the bleeding and decisions on further prolongation of pregnancy.Often bleeding is so intense that requires blood transfusion.

Placental abruption

Placental abruption is more common in the third trimester of pregnancy.The causes of placental abruption: hypertension, preeclampsia, polyhydramnios, multiple pregnancy, abdominal trauma (a blow or fall), and others.The severity of placental abruption is not dependent on the degree of external bleeding.There may be spotting on the background detachment of more than 2/3.Also concerned about the bleeding pregnant abdominal pain.The pain can be aching, and strong cramping in nature.Condition worsens fetus develops acute fetal hypoxia.Possible fetal death.Placental abruption require emergency surgery "Caesarean section".

Anna Sozinova